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Low PH canned food, Eukanuba NOT working

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I'm supposed to go pick up something called "CP low PH" canned food tomorrow from my Vet. Snickers totally hates the Eukanuba, and now, the other cats are turning their noses at it! I wanted to use the stuff because I hate seeing food go to waste like this. But the other cats prefer the IAMS canned.

So does Snickers; problem is, he MUST be on the low PH stuff or he will get those deadly crystals again.

Vet says there is nothing in the stores that is LOW PH for cats. She says it's prescript only, and ya can only get it from the Vet.

Is this true? Do I have to wait til tomorrow at the Vet? I know for the rest of Snicky's life he will need this prescript low ph stuff, but what if he hates all of it? The boy's got to eat!!!!!
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Check this with the vet .... I have a crf kitty who i mix baby food in to get her to eat.. sometimes cookies in the food help
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I am sorry, I just don't have much information on which foods are lower in ph. One non-prescription food that is, contains garlic so I can't recommend it.

I did a quick google search and really didn't come up with much re non-prescription foods.
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Hans is on moderate pH food for stones, and I'm going to talk to the vet to see if I can get him back on normal food. He's slightly allergic to the Eukanuba. Plus, do you know how hard it is to feed him while the other three get different food? (There is no way I can feed four cats that expensive of a food!)

I know that Hills makes a low pH formula. My best friend's cat is on that for reccuring stones and blockage. (Even after a widening surgery.) He's never had a problem with the food, and hasn't had a blockage since being put on it. I'm assuming that's what your vet will try next, since most vets carry Eukanuba and Hills products.]

I'll probably get yelled at for mentioning this, but I saw that Friskies carries a special lower pH formula when I was at the store yesterday. Don't know if I would trust it to do it's job, though.
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I can cordon off the cats, I have to put Hammie into the bathroom anyway because he totally inhales his food; the other cats just pick. Snickers, he stays up on the countertop with me, so I watch what he eats. Or in this case, will NOT eat.

I'm picking up that stuff the Vet called CP, tonight. She said Snicky ate it great at the doc's office but they give Eukanuba because cats prefer it??? Didn't make sense to me.

He's a picky little fart, Snickers is... plus well the home he came from, he ate a lot of table scraps so I think his palette is used to human food.

We'll see though. I hope it works, whatever this CP stuff is! There just aren't many options out there eh!!!
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Hey, I may have found something...this is by Hi-Tor and is described as a low magnesium food to help prevent the formulation of calculi(*which makes a palatable lower phos/lower protein food for kitties with crf), you can read all the ingredients here (this is a retail site):Site selling Hi-Neo Tor

I would of course, ask my vet about this food first. The one thing I didn't like is that the food does contain by-products

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Just picked up some cans from the Vet. It's called Hills Feline CD, not CP.

Anyhoo I come in as usual & am greeted by all my babies, of course Snickers in the lead. Get the food out, and feed the other monsters Iams... Put Snicky up on the counter to eat his own food... and voila! He proceeds to wolf it down like it's the best thing next to sliced bread!

er... sliced tuna maybe... in his case.

Anyways this is what they fed him in the hospital, dunno why they wasted my time with Eukanuba.

Just wanted to post he ate everything on his plate. I just took some shots of him getting all freaky in a cardboard box. He's having fun! Hooray for Hills!

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Glad to hear this!
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Hi. Little late on this. Dusty has been on Hills c/d since November and seems to love it. He's always been rather picky but has always gobbled the c/d down. He hasn't had anymore crystals or blockages although he has still had some urinary problems(infections,inflammation). And His PH has been great everytime its been checked since starting the C/D

So I'll add another YAY for Hill's C/D
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I had the same health problem with my deceased cat. The vet prescribed Hill's Feline CD. The other cat started eating it and I had to separate them at feeding time. Do some net research because there are natural cat foods low in PH. But sticking with the vet advice is probably a good move. One thing I am suspicious about--vets get college grants from Hill's, often, so that's probably why most carry only their foods.
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Hills CD is the best
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