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Can I ask for mega vibes and board magic and prayers pls?

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Some of youse know that I am going home to NZ on August 15th and Jake on December 13th.

But thats not what the vibes are for.

I am asking my grandparents for a loan so I can send the cats to NZ with us, the loan will be for the transportation costs and we will take care of the quarantine costs (hopefully its not too expensive)

We already got an estimate for the transportation costs and they are not too cheap - you coulda knocked me down with a feather but my cats are worth it.

And my grandparents came into a bit of money when they sold their vacation home for a 200% profit and I have asked them for a loan and said that I will pay them back every penny in any way I can, I don't want to be a freeloader.

So I would appreciate the prays/vibes/board magic if you could spare a little so that Peedoodle and Kahu can come to Kiwiland with us.

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Oh Kellye, good luck! Eponine and I are sending mega-good vibes your way so that you can take your babies with you!!!
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Oh Kellye, mega vibes from me for you! I know it's expensive to transport our babies....when my ex and I were in Hawaii, we tranfered out and my dog Scruffy came with us. If we were GOING to Hawaii, and wanted to take Scruffy, she would have been in quarantine for 6 months. Hopefully it won't take that long for your kits!!
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Wow 6 months in Hawaii?? That is a long time! In NZ, it is 30 days. Thankfully we can visit them in the quarantine but I better not get my hopes up too high while waiting for their response! Thank you for your thoughts ugaimes and Susie!
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OF COURSE!!! I would go nuts without my kids like that. This is why I never travel far....I'm sure they'll help Kellye. You're always so responsible and down to earth.
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Best wishes for your travels. I hope everything works out in the manner that makes you happy.
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Of course Kellye count with our Prayers, Gema & I

NZ you mean New Zealand? is it positive your answer then you maybe would meet Sam Isn`t?

My best wishes to you and your furry`s please keep us updated!!!
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Mega vibes coming your way for cooperative grandparents, inexpensive quatantine costs and safe travel!
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Thank you sweeties.

Rigel - yes, I am going back home to New Zealand and hopefully I will get to meet Sam - after all I will be going through Wellington in December, on the way to pick up Jake!
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sending good vibes from me and my crew! Good Luck, Kellye!!!!
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Best of Luck and positive vibes comminy your way!
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Good vibes from me and Jasper!
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Good luck! I really hope it works out for you. I can't imagine how frustrating it must have been for you trying to figure out a way to bring your fur babies with you to NZ and I really hope your grandparents will help out! I will be sending them "loan money" vibes for you! grin.
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Prayers that you will be able to take your babies and that they remain safe and healthy!
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I've got my fingers crossed that your grandparents will help you out, Kellye!
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Mega vibes, Kellye!
You have my prayers that the pieces all fall into place and you get to take your babies with you, and that the trip and quarantine are not too traumatic for them -- or you!
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Awwww mega mega mega vibes Kellye. Everybody's got everything crossed here for you and your kits - I hope they make it over to NZ ok
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Tons of good luck vibes going your way Kellye!
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Kellye, Can't imagine anyone turning you down for anything. Mega greenback vibes are being sent your way.
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Sendin' mega money vibes and prayers your way, Kellye! I hope everything works out for your and your babies!
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Absolutely, Kellye, I am praying with you about this important matter. I know you would do anything for Peedoodle and Kahu!
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I really hope you are able to take them with you. My kitty Clyde and I are sending you mega good vibes!!! Good Luck!
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Sending huge vibes for you Kellye! Whatever it takes for two of my favorite kitties on the site to stay with their wonderful family.
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Thank you for asking us! I will pray and will get with my angles to pray as well. They send purrs and love, too.
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Sending up my most persuasive "vibes" for them to agree...I've always hoped to read that you were able to take your guys back with you.
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Now its my turn to say YOOHOOOO!

My grandparents said YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you so much for your prayers, vibes and positive thoughts! I really appreciate it!

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Oh Kellye, thats GREAT NEWS!!!!!!!
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Yes! Yay!
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Best wishes and a prayer for a safe trip for you and the kitties, hugs and good luck. :-)
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YAY!!!! I'm so happy to hear that Kellye!!!!
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