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Moving advice...

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Hello folks,
in a couple weeks I'll be moving from my tiny apartment to my home, yes finally I have become a homeowner.
The question I have for you guys is what would be the best way to make the move easier for my cat. He his 1 and half years old and have been living with me in my apartment since he was 4 weeks. He is an indoor/outdoor cat, so he is used to go out to play with other cats, climb the threes and always came back home for dinner and sleep like a Swiss clock. I'll keep in the new house his water fountain, food bowl, cat furniture and cat condo but even though, I am afraid that being in a new place could be quite stressful for him, it is being quite stressful for me as well, and he may get lost if he get out of the house and try to find the previous house.

What would be my best course of action to make him adapt quickly? Any advice or previous experiences you had will be really appreciated. Thanks
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I just posted in health & nutrition about my experience moving from my apartment to my first house this past week because Dori is having a hard time adjusting. The one important thing I learned is that it is important to introduce the new house slowly. Let the kitty in one room and then gradually allow it into more. Otherwise I think they become overwhelmed. I didn't do that and I am having a hard time getting Dori to relax and eat as well.

Congrats on the new home though! It definately is a great feeling once you get all moved in. It does become quite stressful and overwhelming until then
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maybe go there a day before and plug in some feliway and arrange the cats things in a safe room?
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If it is a local move, let him be the last item you transport from apartment to the new home. Since he is partially outdoor, set him up a perch or something where he can look out windows in lieu of going outside right away. Surround him with his favorite toys and sourvenirs.

During acclimation, keep him in a single room and do not let him out no matter how much he complains or cries. Even if it doesn't seem like a big deal, let him acclimate in a single room for at least a week. A move throws off a cat's entire routine -- he doesn't know which way and needs to understand this place is his new home. If he escapes while still confused and disoriented, it might be bye-bye kitty...
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I moved with my Oliver from one apartment to another, and then from our apartment in NY to Chicago. We drove here in two cars, with Oliver in his carrier for up to 8 hours at a time. Once we got here, we put him in the guest bathroom with food, water, and litter box with the door locked until all the boxes, furniture and other moving excitement was done so he wouldn't be underfoot, or worse, run out the front door. The first few days we kept him in our bedroom, and slowly integrated him to our new apartment--which is more than twice the size of the one in NY. He adjusted very quickly--but he's a pretty easygoing cat. I would say try to take it slow, and make sure NOT to let him get out for awhile.

On the subject of indoor/outdoor...I'm assuming you've already heard the long speech about how it's safer and healthier for a cat to live indoors, and how if you DO let them out they MUST have on a collar with a tag and preferably be microchipped as well. But, if you haven't and would like my $.02 on that subject, feel free to PM me!
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Congrats on your new house! I've moved house with my cat, Beazy, several times. She's a pro at settling in! I think the advice to move your cat last is a great one. And, if it's not a local move, get his things settled in a room and shut the door while you unpack the rest.

One thing that I do that seems to help is to NOT completely clean out her litter tray. I scoop it and then put the used litter in a couple of well-tied plastic bags. Putting that litter back into her (unrinsed--but also plastic-bagged) litter box seems to help establish the new place as her territory right from the start.

I've heard different things about how long to wait until you let them out. (Beazy stays inside.) They need to reset their internal compass to "home". Some people say two weeks, some say up to three months. The shelters here advise two months...

Let us know how things work out!
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Thank you so much for your advices!
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Hello! I have some pretty good advice that worked for me both times I moved. And I moved a 15 year old cat from my parents house to my apartment, and into my own home in November. What I did was, I let her stay at the apartment while we moved, in her comfort zone room, which happened to be the bathroom. She was the last thing I moved, in addition to my siberian husky. I took her to house, and placed in her what would be mine and my husbands bedroom, so that she was surrounded with things she was used to, and it had our scent. I made sure that our room was set up with familiar things. I placed her food, water and litterbox in there. Gradually, when she decided it was okay, she left the bedroom, and now she has adjusted really well. Basically, I did the best I could when we first moved, and I let her choose the rest. I was just there to reassure her with treats and praise. And now, she races through the house. Take it slow. Set up a room with things that are familiar.
I am not a vet, but, I have had this experience. Hopefully, someone else, with more experience than me, will come along and help you out as well.
Good luck to you, and let us know how it goes!!
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