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Bitting Carpet

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I have two cats, sister and brother. They were 2 years old in July. The big Black one, male, Bozz, has recently began bitting our carpet and pulling threads of carpet out. The little female, Miller, does not do this. They live in our 1,000 sq. foot garage, which is heated and has windows and cat sills they can sit on. When we are home of the evening, we bring them in for several hours, but they always let me know when they want to go back out. I'm wondering though if Bozz, is mad about this situation, even though he lets me know he wants back out. I squirt him with the water bottle when he does this, say NO, and put him out. Then when he comes back in, after a while, maybe an hour or so, he starts again. Why has he begun this? How long will it take for me to get my poin across to him that he CANNOT continue to bit my carpet?
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cats hate and i mean hate citrus - how about spraying with a citrus airfreshner - he'll get the hint soon enough
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Thanks. Can I find this Citrus air freshner anywhere?
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sure - get the spray kind and spray the carpet directly. Any food supermarket and places like Target, Walmart, etc. have it.
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Thank you so much, I will buy tonight!
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I have a cat that likes to chew on the little fibers in cheap wall-to-wall carpeting. It's gotten to the point where now I don't expect my security deposit back if I ever move . What I finally did was clipped the strands still sticking out and them put double-sided carpet tape where she was chewing (in my bedroom doorway). That seemed to work. Citrus is another good deterrant.

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Is he chewing on it or trying to eat it? If so, it may be a vitamin deficiency. If not, he could just be showing signs of boredom or like you said, he is upset about something.
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I bought the Citrus Airfreshner and sprayed. Bozz stayed away from it this morning but still too soon to tell, because in the morning, they love to go into my sunroom and look outside at the deer and chipmunks in our backyard. So, I need to give it a few days and see what he decides to do. I will keep you all posted. I appreciate this so much!
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Please remember you need to keep up with the spraying since it does dissipate. What should work is if you spray once in the morning an once at night. Again good luck.

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Ok, will do. I can only hope he will eventually quit, right?
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He will - they are very smart - this will help him re-adjust this habit. It worked with my Loki - he used to work he corner of my living room carpet.

Maybe providing him with other options will also help re-direct.
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