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Dori is not adjusting well

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This might be a little long, I apologize ahead of time I just want to get all the details in.

We closed on a house last Monday and we are now pretty much done moving in. We spent the first few days, Tuesday-Saturday getting the house ready. During those days we were away from our apartment longer than normal so Dori was alone longer than she normally is. Also on those evenings once we got done at the house and we got back to the apartment I would work on packing boxes. Dori started getting a little anxious then, but she was still eating and everything fine. Then Sunday was the big moving day. I closed Dori inside one room in the apartment so she wouldn't escape through the front door. It was very hectic, we managed to get everything moved to the new place. That evening I brought Dori over to the new house in her carrier. I closed her inside one of the new bedrooms while we moved everything in. She meowed constantly so I let her out of that one room, but I closed the hallway door so that basically confined her to half the house, 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Then after everyone left I opened the door and let her explore.

I know that I probably did that all wrong I should have let her out and introduced her slowly, but she was meowing so much when she was confined and then she did seem fine when I let her out, I thought she was ok. She spent a lot of time exploring that first evening, but seemed ok. She used her litter box (which I brought over with the same litter in it), and even slept with me just like normal that night. I didn't go to work Monday and spent the day unpacking and she seemed fine that day as well, she explored some more.

Ok, now here goes the problem... I normally free feed Dori Innova light dry and give her Merrick wet in the morning. She normally can not wait for me to get up and feed her.
-Monday morning I couldn't feed her right when I got up because the box with her wet food in it was still packed somewhere. I went to the grocery store and got her old favorite, wet Friskies turkey and cheese. She ate it just fine. But that entire day she never touched her dry food. I figured she was just adjusting and would be ok.
- Tuesday morning she did not run and get up when the alarm went off as usual to eat. She stayed in bed until I got out. I put her Friskies wet down again, she ate a little, but still did not touch her dry all day. I was worried so that night I gave her a little more Friskies wet. She ate it.
- Wednesday morning I gave her Friskies wet again and she ate just a little of it. That night I gave her dry food and broke up some of her Wildside Salmon treats inside the dry and she ate a bit of that as well, but not much. She showed no excitment like she normally does when she gets her food.
- This morning I gave her the Merrick wet, which is her normal food. She wouldn't touch it. I brought it back to my bedroom and sat down with her and her food bowl. I pet her and managed to get her to eat a bit of it, but it still wasn't very much at all. She wouldn't eat the dry food at all, not even with the Wildside Salmon in it.

I have realized the barely touching her food started Tuesday when I went back to work. I have been leaving her free roam of the house and today when I left for work I put dry food in a bowl in my room, next to her fountain and I left food and water in the kitchen as well where it normally goes. This house is twice the size of the apartment, so I thought it best for now to leave out 2 bowls.
I called her vet this morning and asked them about her behavior. They suggested that tomorrow when I go to work to close her in one of the bedrooms for the day with her litter box on one side of the room, food on the other, and any toys or blankets she likes in there as well. They said the problem may be that with all the change and our schedules being out of the ordinary that once I started back to work Dori got anxious and was probably looking around the house for me, not knowing if I had stepped out for a minute or for the day. She doesn't want me to bring Dori in because she doesn't want to stress her out more.
I don't know what to do about the food. Should I keep trying the Friskies wet, it's like a treat to her, she eats it, but then I worry she will never go back to her normal food. But at the same time, I know how important it is thatcats don't go long without eating before Hepatic Lipidosis sets in and I don't want to risk that.
Oh and I forgot to mention, Dori is very restless right now. She does sleep with me all night, but when we are up she walks around meowing constantly. I have noticed that when I pick her up her ears always feel warm.
I am thinking I need to go buy a Feliway diffuser today and close her in one room tomorrow, I just feel bad because she cries so much when she is closed in a room, she actually HATES it even if we close the bathroom door.
If anyone can give me any suggestions on what to do I would very much appreciate it.
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Well I don't have a lot of advice to say, it sounds like your vet gave you some good advice. I would keep her in the bedroom while you are gone with the food and litter. Definately get a Feliway Diffuser. Those work like magic in most cases and you should get one. If you can afford it, maybe get one for upstairs and one for downstairs. They are expensive. But put one in the room she is going to be kept in while you are gone and one somewhere else for when she is out roaming when you are home.

I am sure she is just completely stressed out and sort of panicking when you suddenly leave her alone all day.
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I want you to know we are sending really good ADJUSTMENT VIBES, k?
Can you play some soft music when you are gone? harp, piano, cello.....something nice. It does sound like lots of stress in adjusting is all. I re-read your post to determine if this is a new construction house or an established home. I know Sasha had to deal with a strong scent of a dog when we first moved 2 yrs ago to MValley, although we couldn't smell a thing with newly painted walls and entirely new carpet- but he sure could! We used a Lysol antibacterial powder in the carpet for 8 hrs and then vacuumed it up; we got a Feliway; and we also smudged with Sage and said a prayer (well, I did....Eric kinda watched me). Sometimes, existing structures, even though they are given to others really "immacualte" are not all that immaculate to animals....remember their olfactory bulb is 40 times what we have. So it's a combination of stressors, I'm fairly sure. You're bright to monitor closely and if rever strikes (face, nose, ears feel hot) then go in ASAP.
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Oh no, Poor Dori Give her some time to get used to the new place, sounds like she was just overwelmed by it all. I'll keep my fingers crosses that she'll feel better about her new home soon. Keep us updated on Dori.
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I bought a Feliway diffuser at Petsmart yesterday on my lunchbreak. I plugged it into my bedroom when I got home from work. I swear that thing started working right away because she got in the bed to take a nap. I finished unpacking last night and got everything put away and she seems to be getting more comfortable with the place. She still wouldn't touch her dry food last night, but this morning she acted like her normal excited self when I was opening her canned Merrick. She wiggle her little backside and meows like crazy when I am walking to put her bowl down and she did do that this morning But, she didn't eat as much of it as I would have liked her to. But still there was a little progress, so hopefully it will all get better from here.

Elizabeth, I am glad you mentioned about the dog. I forgot to mention that! The people before us had a big dog. He must have been a big hairy dog because there was dog hair along the baseboards and such. I have been trying so hard to get it all up. They had new carpets installed a month or 2 before they moved, so we didn't replace them. We had them professionally cleaned but I can still see a bit of dog hair on our bedroom carpet, even though I have vacuumed several times. I am sure that is somewhat unsettling for her.

Thank you guys for keeping Dori in your thoughts!
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I'm glad she's making a bit of progress! Good luck... I know we're about to move in about a month and a half and now I'm getting nervous!
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I missed this yesterday!! I am glad to read a "making progress" report this am...please give Dori skritches from me...your new home sounds lovely, and eventually, I am sure she will enjoy having the run of, and ruling the entire house
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Originally Posted by squirtle
We had them professionally cleaned but I can still see a bit of dog hair on our bedroom carpet, even though I have vacuumed several times. I am sure that is somewhat unsettling for her.
I'm so glad to read the progress!! Sounds like Dori is starting to adjust to her new home.

About the hair in the carpet...we recently tried one of those sprinkle on, let sit, vacuum up pet hair remover/carpet fresheners. I think it was Arm & Hammer. Anyway, that stuff REALLY worked! We couldn't believe how much hair it picked up - filled up the entire collection deal on our bagless vacuum with hair. The only downside was that it smelled very strong, to me at least. Gave my asthma a bit of a fit (not horrible, but I was tight...). I would recommend it when you can have the windows open to air out the place, and don't do the whole house at one time to give both yourselves and Dori a place to escape from the smell. Actually, I think I was more bothered by the smell than the cats were.
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I would order a black light, and around midnight douse all the lights, shut off any extra lights outside and turn that puppy on. My quess is that you will be seeing faint green glows of old urinie stains in your home. Do this in every room and then make sure that you get the right product to use to get rid of it.Old stain or not, Dori could be reacting to it.

Also you have to remember that cats love routine and for things to stay the same. Dori had her special spots to sleep (they are gone now) She knew the old house like the back of her hand, now she is in a new place. There are new scents coming at her all the time and she is confused and sort of lost. They can get in an uproar if you change the furniture around. Imagine how she feels- you changed the HOUSE around!

Black Light Shop

Urine remover

By the way this last link? THE BEST product I have ever found to remove urine odor no matter how old. I have even started using it in the horse stalls with fantastic results. And horse pee is stronger than cat pee ever will be! It's new on the market-
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