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Godspeed Nui

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Chloe's sickest kitten (named Nui Wawae which literally means big foot in Hawaiian due to his swollen paws) didn't survive the night. I sat with him until 3 this morning syringe feeding him and trying to get him to nurse. His breathing was labored and he frequently cried out. In my heart I knew he wasn't going to make it, but I kept telling him I wasn't going to let him die, as though my sheer stubbornness could prevent the inevitable. I named him and I loved him, and I reluctantly returned him to his brothers and sister and mom so I could get some sleep. I got up at 6 to find that Chloe had moved him, and he was gone. Nui, go play at the rainbow bridge with Kuai and Koke your siblings who passed before you. Say hi to Annalyssa for me, and tell her that not a day goes by that I don't miss her. Know that on this earth I did all that I could for you and that in your short 14 days with us you were loved.
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I am so sorry, my dear. I know you did everything you could for this sweet little one. My heart is with yours.

Healing light and hugs,

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I'm sorry to hear about your loss, my prayers are with you.
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Yes, Godspeed, little one! You knew human love, compassion & devotion - you were claimed as a pet ,given your own name; in your too-short life you gave joy, so speed quickly to your reward and the joy that waits you there!! Condolences to you, Yaya, and bless you for making such courageous efforts to save this fragile life. And my sympathies to Chloe as well; is she taking this ok? I've had some mama-kitties who just mustered on and others who would get up from the nest intermittenly and go calling for their "lost" little one. Either way, it's tough & I'll keep you in my hearts & prayers & light a candle for little Nui Wawae! Susan
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What a shame you lost this one. I do hope the others thrive.
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I'm so sorry. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and Chloe.

RIP little angel Nui Wawae.
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RIP sweet furry! Hugs!
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My condolance go out to you. It is always hard to lose a love one so soon but thank goodness he knew your love before going to the rainbow bridge.

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I am so sorry! I know you hurt. My prayers and love are with you. Bobbie
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Poor Chloe... my condolences...
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