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keeping kitty in the yard

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Hi everyone!

With spring fast approaching and an increasing itch to open my windows I'm beginning to worry about my kitten. I didn't want to let her go outside with a busy road just behind my house but I'm afraid that it'll be next to impossible to keep her in the house when I open the windows. I have a fenced in backyard but as the other neighborhood kitties have proved,it's not reliable to keep my kitty in. Does anyone know of a way to keep her enclosed in the yard? Keep in mind that I live in france so anything electrical might be difficult to find in the right voltage but could still be an option if I can find it here.
Thanks in advance

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I can still open my windows a little without mine getting out. Do they have to be open wide?!.
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Sigh... Unfortunately windows here aren't made the same as in the states. I have 4 french doors leading out into the backyard with no other windows on that side of the house. The only other window that she could escape from is a normal (opens like french doors) kitchen window with a latch to keep it from opening more than 2 inches if I wish. There are no screens here so screen doors aren't an option.
Air conditioning here is almost non-existant and when you do have one they're outrageously expensive and completely useless.
Any suggestions?

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There are several companies which specialise in making yards and gardens cat escape proof. I've been updating mine this week- the guy from the fencing company and I keep working on this together as about every four months jake finds a new loop hole in the system This UK company sells their packs and will post them out to you, all you'll need is someone to put it up for you and it's not a hard job. http://www.woodycoon.com/html/cat-proof_fencing.html

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If you are feeling adventurous, you could make yourself some temporary/re-moveable screens to fit into the open doorways or windows. Hammer together an appropriate sized rectangle or square frame of wood, then staple to it screening - or if screening isnt available, chicken wire or some small mesh wire used for rabbit cages or things like that. If you have wood door/window frames you can screw in a screweye on the frame, then a latchhook on the door so you latch the screened frame into place as needed.

I had to do this at my old apartment where there was a window without a screen so had to make one, and the only way I could get fresh air in was to leave the door open, but since it opned the wrong way, there was no room to put a screen door in because of the stairwell, so I made one that I could pick up and put in place as required.

One option for you, anyway.

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Serendipitously, I came across these websites today. I am not sure if they would ship to France or not - the first site mentions a UK connection - but these two systems - especially the first one - sure look interesting.



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I don't have the catfencein but I used chicken wire and did the same thing around my yard and it keeps them in and other unwelcomed kittys out it was alot cheaper and just as effective all thou I don't leave them out when I am not at home just to be on the safe side. Good luck and keep looking you will find what is right for you and your furrys.
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Thank-you everyone! I've checked out the sites you have all suggested and to be honest they seem to be a little pricey n the long run. I did however find something on the net that might work. Here's the site:

Has anyone heard about this? Do you think it will work. My hubby is sceptical but the other fences seem to be out of our budget.


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That site looks great, looks like a brilliant idea. I have two appalling escapologists- I grabbed Mitz from the driveway at 2am this morning TWO days after the fencing was updated for Jake. Although thankfully it took him such a struggle to clamber over that the noise woke me and he got recaptured within a few feet of Colditz. I've got an adapted version (home made) of the securacat fence which is coated wire netting that is about a foot higher than the fence and flexible so when they grab it it curves back towards the garden. This makes them back straight off as they hate it moving. Unfortunately it's not right yet and I think I'm going to have to go for the full securacat job to keep the boys contained, although it is extremely expensive. Having lost one cat on the road last year I can't bear the thought of any of my guys setting foot outside the garden. Please keep us posted on how the kitty links system works!
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