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Dixie is back from surgery... phew!

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I took my 7 year old dog, Dixie, to the vet's yesterday for surgery to remove a few masses on her body (right hip, right neck and left upper eyelid). Picked her up at about 4:30 after a stressfull day at school, worrying about her. She's fine, other than the fact that she looks like she got in a fight with a tiger and lost. Now I can finally relax, and get a decent night's rest again. Something I've been missing for several days.

I was surpised to see they had to shave her eyebrow! She looks like a pirate! She's got stitches in her hip and staples in her neck. I have to bring her back in to the vet's in 10 days to have the stitches & staples taken out.

I'll post pictures as soon as I can. Just glad to have my baby girl back home safely again!
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Glad to hear that she is doing well! keep us posted.
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I'll bet your relieved! Whenever our furbabies are away from us, especially at the vets, we worry. Keep us updated and we'd love to see pics!
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I'm glad that everything has gone well at the vet. I always worry so, myself, when mine have to go and stay, for whatever the reason. Just a bit of old hen in my nature, I guess, lol.
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I am glad everything went ok!!
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thanks everyone for your sympathy.. I feel like I can finally relax, now that the surgery is over and done with.

I've got pictures of her "war wounds", but I must make a warning:
not for the squeamish

overall shot of how she looks:

the stitches in her hip: (she's since cleaned off the dried blood, so it looks better now)

the staples in her neck: (worst looking)

her bald eyebrow & one stitch: (a bit hard to see... no pun intended!
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because miss hard-head can't seem to understand to leave her stitches alone, this is now how she looks when I have to leave her unsupervised...

Poor girl can't seem to figure out why she's being punished!
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Dixie is beautiful! Poor baby with her collar. Hope her surgical sites heal very soon!
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Aww poor hunny. If only they could understand english, right? "DON'T TOUCH THE STITCHES!" Glad to hear everything went well though.
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oh, poor dixie she doesnt look to happy with her collar. hope that the wound sites clear up very soon and that she can lose the collar.
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