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I kid you not! There is a game called "Catopoly". It is set up like Monopoly, but the spaces instead of streets have cat breeds! I need this for Christmas. I saw it at a store today during my lunch. I can't wait to add it to my christmas wish list. It looks great. On the back of the box was the web site www.lateforthesky.com but did is not listed on their web site. It looks like fun.
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Instead of Jail, do you get sent to the Litterbox? :laughing2:

Sounds like a cute game!
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Sounds like a GREAT and PURR-FECT game for us all!
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Just checked out the site and if you go to the specialty area, the cat game is there (also there is a dog one). Anyway, it's on my list -- HINT HINT RENE, KEN, SANDY OR ANYONE IN THE REST OF OUR SHOW GROUP.

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What store did you see this game at? I love monopoly and I am sure I will love these games.
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oh cool! that sounds really neat! I want one for christmas now, too - hee hee :tounge2:
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Originally posted by nena10
What store did you see this game at? I love monopoly and I am sure I will love these games.
Nena10 - It was at a store called Shpper's Drug Mart. I think the store is only in Canada. You can probably find it at any toy store.
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Oooo sounds cool to me!!! Can we play it over the net?!!! ha ha ha ha.....
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Now that would be a cool Idea!
I wonder if it'd work?
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I have the animalopoly game and it's great. But I didn't know they had a cat monopoly. I went on the site you showed us and it had a lot of other monopoly games.
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Sounds fun I wonder what kind of game pieces they use
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anyone found out anymore about this game?

it sounds so cute.
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anybody heard anything about this game
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I love Monopoly. Where can I find it?
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