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Toilet Training

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Hi everyone,

I've read some articles and guides online on how to train your kitty to use the facilities (toilet )... as opposed to the litter box. There were a couple of different training methods that I stumbled upon.

We're currently going through the process of training Frodo... and it is a slow process.

Was curious on how many peeps actually have trained their kitty to use the toilet. Would also be interested in knowing how many peeps tried and failed too.
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I figured if I have the space to keep a litterbox in the bathroom for toilet training purposes, it is easier to keep it filled with flushable litter (The World's Best Cat Litter or Arm And Hammer Easy Flush) and flush the clumps away a couple of times a day, than it is to try to force unnatural behaviors out of my kittens. Burying waste is their natural inclination. Peeing and pooping into a void is not.
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I have been teaching Buddy to shake hands.. I figure the bathroom is a bit cramped.. and only having one might be a bit of a hassle trying to train him to use it..vs my wanting to use it.. I sure as heck know if I gotta go.. he will have to hold it if I ever do train him. :P
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Never tried to train mine to use the toilet, they look more content in the litterbox
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I want to I just don't have time
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hehe, I do have to say that the poll results at this point are not encouraging in the potty training department
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Originally Posted by SharonKay
hehe, I do have to say that the poll results at this point are not encouraging in the potty training department
Almost everyone who responded has never tried it... and the one that did, failed horribly.

Noone was successful at all in potty training their kitty?

*This little mole-hill is looking more and more like a mountain*
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Well I personally never tried it but my cousin took in a stray and he uses the toilet. Surprised the heck out of all of us when he did it the first time. So he had to learn that behavior somewhere, I guess it can be done.
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My aunt trained her cat(s) to do it if I remember right. I know it can be done, it just takes patience and effort like anything else. Granted, not all cats are "smart" enough to "get it" and understand.. but I tend to think most cats ARE smart so most should be able to learn.
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My cat's currently going through the process, but I think he's almost there so I voted for "Yes, tried it and succeeded!" (there's no option for training in progress)

I think my first mistakes were getting excited about his successes and pushing along too fast. I've slowed things down considerably and he seems to be taking it well. I'm trying the Roasting Pan method and he'll happily dump into the pan and even tries to knock his turds into the hole I've made.

He's peed in the RP before, but lately he's been peeing on the floor next to the toilet. I don't think its related to his training, but rather some changes I've made in the bathroom furniture or maybe a recent traumatic experience with the dreaded blowdryer. I'm confident he'll get back on track soon however.

I say good luck and keep at it. Frodo will appreciate being cleaner and you'll appreciate never having to buy litter again.
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I only have one toilet. Call me picky, but I don't want to have to share my toilet with my cat.
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Originally Posted by eburgess
I want to I just don't have time
same here
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I voted "never tried it" but I would like to give it a try eventually. When you only have one toilet, it is not practical to dedicate it to toilet training when I have human guests every other day.

I had an ex-girlfriend who was successful with one cat but failed with two others. Intelligence played a part but temperment was more important. She rigged something up where the successful cat could "flush" when he was done...but all of her cats would all take turns randomly flushing the toilet as a game.

So I would probably leave out the flushing step unless you want cats flushing the toilet repeatedly at 3AM.
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I've never tried it but would love to train my male to use the toilet, considering he has a bad habit of using the tub. I don't think he likes the cat litter. He drives me crazy. But atleast he isn't going all over the house.
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Originally Posted by MissCharlotte
I only have one toilet. Call me picky, but I don't want to have to share my toilet with my cat.
...and they say CATS are the picky ones...

Meanwhile, dog owners try in vain to persuade Ol' Fido that toilet water is NOT the thirst quenching solution at the end of a long afternoon session of chasing his own tail and chewing up a tennis ball into ten thousand microscopic pieces.

Now, if I could only get my cats to use their litter boxes instead of the warm, silk-like, luxurious ashes of the fireplace, I'll consider myself victorious.
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I've been thinking about doing this when I move for grad school. I'll be living alone with my one cat (right now I have a roommate who has 3 cats). But the drawbacks would be:

--she's (cat, not roommate) 5 years old - too late to learn new tricks?
--I'll be starting grad school. Not enough time/energy to deal with it?
--her temperment. This is a very smart cat who uses her intelligence for evil more often than for good.

As I think about it, my main concerns are (1) environmental and (2) not wanting to deal with litter - especially as an allergic person with asthma and a very strong sense of smell! So I'm thinking the better choice might be daily scooping of flushable litter.

We don't use the flushable stuff now because it's too hard to find in Detroit (proper; I'm sure we could find it out in the suburbs) and because with 4 cats, we'd be overloading poor toilet in our old apartment! But when I just have the one cat and am living in California, it might go better.
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I got a little book when I got Bella, but I haven't had the inclination to try it yet - she likes her privacy anyway.

Like Traci, my mom has a cat who apparently trained herself. I was home for xmas, and I left the lid up on the guest toilet (mom usually keeps it down to discourage the canine of the house). Imagine our surprise when we investigated a "water leak" to find little 4yr old Midnight , whom mom has had since she was 10wks, perched on the seat!!!! Mom vowed to retrain the dog rather than discourage that!!

Also like javajane, my mom's only tom (altered, like ALL our furkids) apparently likes using the guest tub , which makes for a smelly first shower when I visit
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This just seems unnatural to me. I don't think I would ever try to potty train Char. He would probably look at me like I had lost my marbles.. lol

I also have enough trouble dealing with the three little ones I got getting them used to the litter and stuff. Much less a toilet.
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Many years ago when Comere was a youngin' (about 3-4 years old) I went through the potty training process. I used the book "how to potty train your cat in 30 days" (something like that).

We WERE successful! Comere would have been a toilet trained cat had it not been for his size. He was a BIG kitty, so balancing in the right spot was not easy for him. We ended up with pee trickling down the edge of the toilet or or poop on the seat too often.

Behaviorally they CAN do it -- whether it works with each specific cat as far as how comfortable they are and how good their aim is, well that's a whole other story

I'd give it a try and see how your kitty does!
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