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Since I am new to the cat world...my husband was telling me about hairballs, like it sounds like the cats are getting ready to vomit...of course, my husband is out to sea right now and i think Angel has a hairball....she is making a wretching sound, I gave her the pounce hairball treats that say you should give the cat 5 treats per day to elminate the hairball....can someone explain to me what exactly the hairball is? Is it just a collection of hair from them cleaning themselves? Like all that hair that gets stuck in my shower drain? LOL.
How do these hairball treats work? Thanks again!
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Hi Erica,

You know when your cat licks you how rough the tongue feels? That's because a cat's tongue has little barbs on it, and when they groom, these barbs catch any loose hair and undercoat. So you can help your kitty by feeding fiber to her (canned pumpkin) is good, and grooming her daily to pick up the hair with the brush.
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She hates the brushes though....I mean when I pet her I get some hair off, but she totally attacks the brush and runs away. LOL. any suggestions?
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Zoom Groom, it doesn't hurt and delivers a massage that cats love. Either that or grooming gloves-
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Hmm, gonna have to look into that. Thanks!
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There's also a very good hairball remedy called Vet Basis Hairball Gel. My cats love it (chicken flavored) and it doesn't contain petroleum or anything artificial (as too many hairball treats and remedies do) but does have good ingredients in it like Vitamin E and Taurine. Taurine is especially vital for cats.

You could also put a small amount of finely chopped or pureed veggies into her canned food - the fiber will keep things in her system moving along. Try zucchini, carrots, green peas, lettuce.
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I don't know that those pounce hairball treats help get rid of the hairball once it is formed, I think they are more to keep it moving and not get stuck in the stomach. I would try to find a hairball paste, it comes in a tube like toothpaste, or you could use cod liver oil. Cats can usually pass them on their own (either up or down!) but there have been cases where they are too big, if her hacking continues consult a vet.
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There is something called PetroMalt, sold at pet stores like PetSmart & PetCo, that my cats just LOVE. They beg for it! It has a sweet, malty taste. It's supposed to help cut down on the hairballs.

Also the Zoom Groom brush is very gentle. It's rubber, it's ergonomic for you, and it's cute besides. The cats love it because they can push their face HARD into it & it doesn't hurt. I just Zoom Groomed my lovelies last night, after coming home and finding a hairball near the fireplace & Snickers fur in globs all over the place from him & Hammie playing...

If you let your cat come to YOU for grooming, rather than making it something you have to go after her for, she might like it better. All I have to do is say the word 'brush' and my cats come running.

Try the PetroMalt... I dunno about those cat treats. I used to feed my cats treats but they'd barf them up right after eating them, so I axed that idea.
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I used to buy those hairball treats. I think they're just cat treats with hairball gel in the center. Personally, I think the hairball gel is just easier, and cats tend to like it. I would notice that the hairball treats tended to get hard & dry before the container was gone--and we did keep the lid closed at all times.

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I have never had an issue with them drying out....she eats them so fast! LOL...I think I go through a package every 3 weeks.
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