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Our Daily Thread for Tuesday

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Well, I'm on vacation this week. (although I did have to go into work for 3 hours yesterday because a tech problem prevented me from being able to do a couple things on my laptop )

I'm sitting here now watching Ricki Lake, and feeling my brain cells die. What can I say, I'm a glutton for punishment. :girlie:

I'm going to go paint pottery later this afternoon. I to paint pottery, it's so relaxing and therapetic for me.

to my CS buddies, talking on the phone the last night was a blast!! Who knew that you could do a 6 way conference call?!?!!?!? I felt like we were sitting around the kitchen table conversating. someone has to win the lottery so we can all take a roadtrip!

Hope everyone has a beautiful peaceful day. :flower: :flower: :flower:
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Happy Tuesday everyone!

I'm getting ready for a long night, as it's election night. But the Courant is going to feed us (catered food!!) and it's overtime so I can be mad at that.

I had a great chat with my CS buddies. Like AP said, it was like sitting around the kitchen table chatting. I LOVED it and hope we can do it again.

I hope everybody has a great day!

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I don't have much planned for today. My stomach still hurts from laughing last nite. . . . Thanks for the call. I needed the lift! Donna don't work too hard on the election "Hot Line" phones. Colby, enjoy your vacation time. . . . . I would like a plate with Dante's "Dance of the Pagans" painted on it for Christmas, but then of course; I guess, Pagans don't really celebrate Christmas. I should have said XMAS! (LOL)
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one pagan cup and plate set coming up!
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It is so cold here that this morning Racer was acting like a goof tearing around the pasture snorting at the day. I love this horse! Now that he is fed and coffee is brewing I am looking around and there are cats everywhere in this house. So much for housework, I would have to disturb a cat to do anything. Can't have that! :tounge2:

Last night was a much-need release for me of laughter and I cried so hard when we finally got the phone party going that I about fell out of my chair! I almost topped tover! It did feel like we were in the same room together (though that would be a dangerous thing) if that were to happen! And just think, we all got together because of our feelings for cats. Bless this board and the friendships forming because of its existence!

Everyone have a super day! And thanks again Colby for arranging the phone party.
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Awwwwww, I feel left out of your phone chat last night! Just kidding...........
Its a bright and blustery Tuesday here in New England.. very breezy by the water. I am so flustered, my son takes the bus home from school everyday and last week he got a new bus driver ( she is very nice ), but now suddenly the bus has started coming at erratic times. Sometimes she is on time, sometimes 10 min late, sometimes 10 min early. So today she was here like almost 15 min early today and I wasn't outside waiting. So the school called me to tell me to go out there, I was soooo po'd. I refuse to go stand out there a half hour early IN CASE she comes early. She said there were kids absent and thats why she was early, but I am still frustrated.
Ok, enough of that venting. Sorry, but nobody is here to listen to me *itch.
Time to go get something done with my day. Laundry, cooking??? Nah, think I'll watch All my Children!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Daniela that sucks! The busdriver should have to follow a schedule! I don't have any kids so my experience with this is nil. It just sounds extremely unfair to me.
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Trust me if the phone had been multi-faceted and Colby had been able to call more people, she would have! As it was, it was a confusing jumble of voices and lots of story telling and lots of laughs. It is just a true testament to the strength of this board and the friendships formed because of it.

Hey AP? Where is my Pagan Plate set? :girlie:
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Pagan plates for everyone!!!!
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You are so lucky to be on holidays. Mine start in 3 wks & 2 days (not that I'm counting or anything) Are you just staying home for your time off. Enjoy your down time!
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i had a great time on the phone too, though it took awhile to figure out
who's voice belonged to who

Colby, Thirteen Ghosts started out really good, it was terrifying for awhile there,
but it petered out in the middle, i would wait for the rental and go see K-Pax or
Hearts In Atlantis - i havent seen that, but it looks good & intriguing.

and stay away from those talk shows!!!

i'm off today as well, so i am going to relax and then relax some more.

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ahh bummer! I actually had high hopes for the movie!
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I can't remember if I told you this or not Blue, but yesterday we saw Zoolander. while there were a couple funny parts, I think it's another one that should probably be a rental.
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