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Radio question: 03/09/05

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What would you buy yourself if someone gave you $1000? Remember, it has to be something for "yourself"!
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clothes, handbags, make up, a trendmill!
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- Finish paying Brendan back for the bed and breakfast we will be staying in in Asheville in May (which would be equal to about $180)
- Put aside $200 for spending cash to have in Asheville
- Get a haircut
- Buy LOTS of clothes
- Set up weekly facial appointments
- Buy a new bathing suit (I currently have 6 or 7 that I still wear, but they are my FETISH)
- Pay for someone to do a COMPLETE cleaning of my apartment

I think that would take up the $1000 fairly well
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If someone gave me a grand, I'd put it on my one credit card that I just *charged* a grand on!

But if I have to spend it on 'me' versus 'my debt':

I'd hit & go wild. Their clothing line is awesome, clothes fit great, last long & are sexy.

That'd do it. All the $1,000 would be gone in one fell swoop to V.S.
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Hit the perfume counter, then the shoes, the bags, then the pet shop!
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Groceries....I'm REALLY short on cash and it's come down to food for me or catfood/litter a number of times, so I haven't gone grocery shopping in over a month. After that...I could use some new clothes.
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A grand to be selfish with, eh? Well, I think that would be clothes and shoes, but I also think I could justify a really bang-up dinner out for Rob and me -- even if it's not all spent on me specifically, it's certainly buying me a great pleasure.
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Well, I think it would have to be travel. But I wouldn't want to do it alone, so I'd just have to spend some on hubby too but it would be making me happy so I suppose it counts. I'd take some time walking in Austria, in the mountains in May when all the spring flowers are out.
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Oh, no! I can't use it to buy a playhouse for my kitty?

If I can't spend it on someone else or to pay my bills, I would buy a bunch of new clothes.
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New clothes and shoes
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It's almost spring, so lots of bulbs, seeds and garden ornaments for our yard, hire someone to cut down some trees and remove stumps to enlarge said yard so that I can put the gazebo down near a large oak that I love, build a small footbridge across the wetweather spring in the top part of our lawn.......
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Electrolysis for life!
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Aw, I can't give it all to my cats?


Cloths with a bit more style.

Some room decorations.

I'd use some to throw a big party for all my friends!

A new TV.

A computer all for me!
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I would put it in my house fund..

But if I had to buy something for immediate gratification only, it would probably be a luis vuitton handbag or a couple coach handbags. I'm a hand bag junkie
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Maybe travel but I will choose jewelry today.
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Clothes, and stuff for the house!
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A new computer or a digital camera.
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Shoes and Godiva chocolates!
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Easy! DH and I are trying to plan our 1st anniversary trip. I'd buy us tickets to DC and a few nights at a nice hotel!
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Well first I'd hire a maid to give my apartment it's spring cleaning, then have the carpets steam cleaned. After that new lamps for the living room and a nightstand for the bedroom. The rest of it, I'd save up for my trip to Denver in May.
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Maybe buy a BMW!
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