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My sister's poor cat

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I just talked to my sister. She had to take her cat, Lily, to the vet today. Lily looks like she swallowed a watermelon. Anyway, this causes her to not be able to clean herself properly. To make a long story short, the vet shaved poor Lily's butt and now my sister and her husband have to wash her butt every night, dry it, and powder it. She is also on antibiotics. The vet put her on diet cat food because she weighs 13 pounds. I feel so bad for her and my sister.
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lol powdered butt? hehe wonder if my gf would do that for me

13 lbs dont sound that big, mine are 14lbs and the vet says they are ok
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If I were her, I wouldn't. She's huge! You can tell by looking at her that she shouldn't be that big. She can't even roll over on her back, when she does her little legs flail about. It's sad and funny at the same time.
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What's causing the fatness? A tumor? Or is she a petite cat who just ate too much???

13 lbs doesn't sound like much. Zorro weighs 19 pounds. He's "big boned", I mean he is by no means underweight but his paws & face are huge compared to my other cats. It's hard to pick him up, he's so solid. I don't consider him fat... just large...

I have two 6-pound petite lil things, 2 of my girlcats... if they were to weigh 13 lbs then yah they'd be fat and need butt shavings, too...
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She's an over eater. She's adorable though. My sister's friend gave her to my sister because her husband is allergic. They live in a 1 bedroom apartment and my sister has a house, so hopefully she'll lose some of it because she has more room to run around and play with my sister's other cat.
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Poor Lily!! And what a chore for your sister to have to perform, not to mention the indignity to Lily! Does Lily eat her diet food? Please keep us posted! susan
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Sending belly rubs to Lily and hugs to you & your sister!
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She just started on her diet food yesterday, so I don't know if she's eating it yet. Thanks for all the support. I'll keep y'all posted.
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Lily is eating her diet food and doesn't even fight my sister when she washes her bottom. I guess it feels good to her to be clean.
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