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seeking care suggestions

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I have a 14.5-year-old neutered male tabby who recently has been suffering with occasional lower abdomen pain. His lower belly becomes very sensitive after coughing up a hairball. The sensitivity seems to last about an hour. In the past year he has lost some weight. His appetite is fine. His litterbox habits are fine. I'm wondering if he has pulled a muscle from spitting up hairballs or is it something more serious?
Any thoughts?

Cheers, B.
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It is really hard to say in the case of such an old cat. Has he been to the vet recently? I would take him in and have him looked at. He could have a UTI, I know their abdomins get sensitive when they have one.
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I would also suggest taking him in for a vet visit. It could be that as he gets older his digestive functions don't work as well as they used to. He could have gas, or he could have some sort of minor blockage with hair still in the tract. It could be something simple like that, or it could indicate something more serious. Because of his age you may wish to get a senior's blood panel done that will evaluate how well his liver and kidneys are working. The vet should be able to palpate his abdomen and see if it feels alright or if he seems to have a lot of stool or something stuck there. He may have a touch of constipation as well. These are all things that a vet can check into and advise you about. 14 1/2 is a good age for a senior cat and it is a good idea at this age to just pay some extra attention when something is out of the ordinary like this:-).

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Also senior cats of this age can start to have kidney problems.
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Please get him to the Vet ASAP. A GOOD Vet, one who likes cats.

I have a 14 yr old neutered male, too, and he very suddenly got a urinary blockage (crystals). He dang near died & spent 6 days in the hospital. It is a VERY painful thing to go through for the kitty!!! If your cat is not having litter box issues yet, he may very well be on his way. There is something going on down there.

When Snickers' blockage started, he'd hunch & squat & the look on his face said "pain".

There are many types of blockages & issues that cats can get, especially in their senior years; intestinal blockages, urinary blockages, kidney & liver problems, etc. It's best to have his urine tested & have the Vet give him a feel on his abdomen.

Good Luck!
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