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Help with Chloe/kittens Calici Virus

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So Chloe is starting to feel better and will eat some on her own. The better she feels, the more she fights me. I'm having a harder time syringe feeding her, a harder time handling the babies (She wants to take them away) A couple of the babies have swollen paws, are still not eating enough (bellies not round and firm but more half round and soft) although she is nursing them. The more I try to check on them the more she gets upset and moves them. I know that I need to leave her alone and let her get settled again, but a couple of the babies seem dangerously thin to me. I am waiting until the vet is in to call with my concerns, but what do I need to do/say to make sure the vet agrees they need to be seen and assessed? I'd hate to lose any due to not getting enough to eat, but I also don't want to stress Chloe out any more unnecessasrily. One of the babies' eye was shut with gunk this morning and I was trying to clean it and she was just so upset. She kept coming over and trying to take it out of my lap and hide him I wish she understood that I'm just trying to help.
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Chloe must be segregated from her babies now. It is very stressful on Chloe to have to take care of her babies when her body is trying to recover - she needs every bit of sustenance she can get so she can get healthy again quickly. She should also be supplemented with Nutracal and Pet Tinic and she should also be receiveing sub-q fluids. If the vet doesn't suggest the fluids or give them to you, get some unflavored Pedilyte and give that to her frequently. It can also be left out as a bowl of drinking water for a few hours but not more than a few hours as Pedilyte must be refridgerated. Goat's Milk is also a must for Chloe now - get some either powdered and mix it yourself or it also comes in cans - get that and give it to Chloe now. The babies should be removed from her, placed on a heating pad and bottle-fed. The babies eyes need to be cleaned and if you have a farm supply store around nearby you then go and get some Terramycin soluable powder, dip your finger in it and take what's on the end of your finger and smear it on the kitten's tongues. Also get a tube of Terramycin eye ointment and use that on the babies after cleaning the eyes well with a sterile saline solution.

The sad fact is that you very well might lose some or even all of these babies. You must put all your effort into saving Chloe right now. Calici is a very dangerous illness because it can kill a cat if it is in a run-down stage, such as a Momcat nursing babies which takes a lot of resources.

You mentioned you had a rescue coordinator, talk with that person and see if anyone within the volunteer network has experience with neonates. It might be better to simply turn the kittens over to a person with more experience in this while you concentrate your focus of efforts on getting Chloe better.
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Thanks Gaye,

Took Chloe and the babies back to the vet. Got eye ointment for all, steroid/antibacterial drops for swollen paws, clavamox for uri symptoms all around. Subqs for everyone including Chloe. Vet says Chloe is doing VERY well, and should be ulcer free this weekend, which is great news. Babies, doing not as well. Only 1 was well fed and not dehydrated. 2 not so bad, 2 bad. Babies will need round the clock care, so we are contemplating moving them as I have a full time job and can't stay home for the next 2 weeks. I'm hoping that one of the coordinators who is home during the day will take them for a couple days so that she can come back with me this weekend, at which point all should be on the road to health. Vet said "wow they're small".
Poor Chloe's babies. Please keep the healing vibes headed my way.
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I do so hope they make it. At least htey are on the right track now, getting hte care they need. Poor Chloe, but she is mending.
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