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Geesh! Cats love cameras, don't they?

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I can't begin to tell you how many home videos we have of the kids with cat tails going by the lens....

I tried to get a shot of what I did this weekend to share (I did a tile backsplash in my kitchen) and without fail, there is always a cat in the photo. And no, I don't let my cats on my countertops so please explain the obsession they have to be photographed!!!!

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I don't know, but that picture is right out of a decorator magazine, cat and all.. lovely composition, and lovely kitchen!!!
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Your right there Denise!, definitely should be in The Ideal Home magazine
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awwww thanks so much you should have seen this kitchen four years ago. We knocked out two walls, reorganized the cabinets on the walls still left, and I refinished them, had the countertop put down, ripped old blue linoleum up off the floor and laid ceramic tile, and you should have seen the wallpaper I had to tear down! It was so gross - old tiny flowers and tobacco stains galore! It was CRAZY!
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Wow, thats a beautiful kitchen with a beautiful kitty.
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Originally Posted by J. Otte

Aww...he looks like the perfect "finishing touch"! Great kitchen! Did you do the backsplash yourself?

BTW...how are the new kitties?
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Oh goodness I love love LOVE your kitchen! And the kitty!
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Nice photo, nice kitty, nice kitchen. See this?... That's my green-with-kitchen-envy smiley.
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I wish Saba liked the camera! She is such a little diva but very shy in front of the lens.
You kitty looks so proud of hmself.
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OH Jodie, will you come and redo my kitchen!!! Love the kitty shot too!
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Wow, beautiful kitchen!
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What a beautiful kitchen and cat!!!!
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