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What does your spouse or b/f or g/f do that makes you mad

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ok this really makes me mad when ever i wash the clothes i hang all the shirts and jeans and i leave the socks on the bed for ron to sort out and put away and when ever i go to the drawer i half to sort everything out every month i do this because he just stuffs the socks and panties in the draw i always keep mine neat and sorted His is just stuffed in there
Its ok if he has a messes drawer but i want my neat and to top it off instead of throwing away the bounce fabric softner he stuffs that in the draw too! Its a never end battle
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he never cleans up!
he told me not to touch his things anymore and i havent so all the loungeroom now is messed up!
and guess what!
im not cleaning it because he cant find his things later on
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He tells me he'll do things, and when I ask him about it several days/weeks/months later, he hasn't done it.So then I bribe him and he still doesn't do it... and then I have to threaten, and he thinks it's unfair of me to do so. Well I think it's unfair that every time I ask him to do that thing (In this case cancel a 0 balance credit card) he says he will and then ignores me!
Also, every time I get things so that we are able to do things, like get rid of a credit card and clear our debt, he decides that is the time to use the card I JUST CLEARED!!! to buy something fairly expensive. After promising that as soon as I got it clear, it would be cancelled I understand that he makes the majority of the money- but he doens't manage his money, so I have to do it for both of us and then he goes and messes it all up again!!

And then he sulks when I'm mad at him. Which really peeves me. I don't need for him to mope at me because HE broke his promises.

That's what irritates me the most.
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oh gosh how can you put up with it??
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Originally Posted by fwan
he never cleans up!
he told me not to touch his things anymore and i havent so all the loungeroom now is messed up!
and guess what!
im not cleaning it because he cant find his things later on
Thats funny fawn my husband keeps telling me he can't find noughting cause i keep moving it well the music is a mess too and it will also stay that way!
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Originally Posted by fwan
oh gosh how can you put up with it??
I find that these threads always pop up when we've just had a row about someting.. lol it's usually not so bad, except for when Iask him something important. -.O we opened a joint account when we married, that we use for everything. Tell me, how is it that I can change my name at the Soc. Security Office, the DMV, on all my credit cards, and car insurance and everything else, and he can't close a damn bank account?
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If we're going out, and have to leave by, say 7.30, he will start getting ready to go at 7.30! He can't seem to realise that he needs to have done the getting ready to go stuff before 7.30, so I am ready to go, and he's pottering around, changing his clothes etc.. It makes me so cross!

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We had this problem with my mam for years.. we've gone around it by telling her that we have to leave an hour before we really do.
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planning stuff without asking me first grrrrrrr
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hehehe, getting annoyed because he can't find something HE HAD LAST and put down somewhere and saying, 'well Someone must have moved it" (there are only 2 of us in the house), then I find it exactly where he left it! I feel quite pleased at myself for not suggesting he may want to move some papers next time before he gets upset (his papers, too, btw:-) ).

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he leaves half empty pop cans everywhere and always forgets to pay bills.. has the money, has the envelope ready, but never sends them in.
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Shy makes me soooooo mad when he agrees to go shopping with me and then acts bored, miserable, and near death by the time we've hit our third store. I always tell him he doesn't have to go and he always says he wants to. Why doesn't he just stay home?
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How about when you are trying to have a serious talk about serious issues in your marriage, and you get NO RESPONSE from the instigator???? An example....I have been after my husband to wash the dishes he said he would wash 3 days ago...he has yet to do them...Monday night, he was too tired and it was late when he got home...last night he didnt feel well...the excuses are never ending. And I am like "you freakin' promised me AGAIN, that they would be done...." And hes like "No, I told you I would think about doing them." NO. You know you did it. You promised. And then I try to talk to him about why I am angry, and then he doesnt even act like I am speaking. It send my blood boiling. And then, when I have said my piece, hes like " What?? Were you talking to me???" And its like, I will pop a blood vessel in my brain if I stand there a second longer. Hmm...maybe we can eat off of dixie patterns for the rest of our lives...but then, I would have to get him to take the trash off to the dump to do that...its a constant battle. I just pick and choose which ones are worth fighting and forget about the rest.
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I don't have a spouse or a boyfriend, but I DO have a "friend with benefits."

The only thing that irks me about him is his smoker's cough. I mean it's one of those coughs that is always-present, lumpy and LOUD. His smoker's cough is perhaps the most awful sound on this earth; but if I can learn to deal with him smoking, then he can learn to deal with my PMS. Even trade off really.

Other than that; he's all-that. Especially in the benefits department.
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I hate it when my S/O treats me like I don't have a brain! He'll try to explain something about the computer to me...and start from scratch like I've never turned one on! Or I'll ask about something in the news that interests me and I'll get a lecture about the politics in that country/area. Its something we have fits over every time. He doesn't realize he is doing it most of the time. He's just a natural lecturer.
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I have to agree with Sweets here, I hate being treated like I don't have a brain in my head! Ok, I act like it half the time, but I'm really smarter than most folks would think.....thing is, he's lived with me for almost 15 years, and he still cops that attitude with me when he's trying to show me something.

Coming in and taking over something that I'm doing, just because he wants it done his way......that really earns lots of negative brownie points from me....I finally figured out how to handle that though, I just walk off and leave him doing it, and I go do something else!
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I know what you mean Cindy, Jerry likes to think anything I've done, he could have done better!! (yeah right!) I'd say my biggest pet peeve with him is his sloppiness. I'll spend all day cleaning, and within 5 minutes of he being home, the house is cluttered.
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I also agree, I hate when my husband thinks I'm clueless. Sometimes I wonder if the rocks he has rattling around up there give him headaches I also hate when he leaves his dirty underwear on the bathroom floor.

Oh yeah, my favorite. When he has to tell me the bathroom needs to be cleaned or the dishes in the dishwasher are clean. Really...are your hands broken? Do you not know how to do those things on your own? It drives me nuts.
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He plays poker all the damn time!!Grr. I enjoy playing too, in moderation. But he goes to these really expensive tournaments like 4 days a week. He almost never loses money, but that isnt the problem. He loves the game, and enjoys the mind-play involved,,but my gosh,,it never ends. When he isnt playing, he is reading books of his favorite pro players. I say,,,"youve played every evening for the past 5 days",,he says "no, I've only played three days this week, the week started over on monday." Grrrrrr. And God forbid when we actually ever argue,, he is so stubborn, he just cant stand it if everyone doesnt think the same way he does. Pheew,,ok,,that was nice,,needed to gripe a little.
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I wish my s/o had his computer games stuck where the sun don't shine! He plays them from the minute he wakes up until he absolutely has to get ready to go to work. I had my table all set up today to give him a massage, and he says "can you give me about 20 minutes to finish this game?"
He also smokes like a chimney. YUCK!!!! I refuse to empty ashtrays, but to his credit, he will. I have the smoker's cough right along with him.
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On saturdays I like to sleep in, and I tell him that If he wants me to go out with him early on the weekends, he needs to grab me a change of clothes because im not gonna willingly get up at 10 AM on a saturday (I have insomnia, so when I do sleep it's a blessing-It's not a matter of me not trying to sleep at the appropriate times, it's just aht I usually can't. ) So he tells me I'm lazy because of it! However, I'm not the one that sits on their butt playing Video games all weekend, or that opts instead of cleaning on the weekend, to go out and play games with his pals. all day.. saturday and Sunday.. Every Weekend... -.-
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Oh god, I could write a book.
He's a good guy and he tries but, lord, sometimes he makes me so blasted mad that I just have to go elsewhere and read a book or take a walk to keep me from going for the sledgehammer
I love him, though, so what else can you do?
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when he's busy with his friends or uni work but then sulks coz i go out with my friends.

he god honestly expects me to sit in a small box with maybe the cats for company until he sees fit to come and see me.

Also when i KNOW he's read my phone meseges but wont admit to it. eg he says "so would you tell me if ur x-bf txt you" 5mins after he has been alone in the room with my phone the only time in 6months the boy has txt me!!

GRRRRRR! i'm far from perfect though and to be fair he puts up with a lot from me. he so caring he gets sympathy pains when i have PMS! lol
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Wow. Alot of people have covered alot of the thing that drive me crazy. Runner up would be not doing what he said he would do. Always having a good excuse for not doing it. Makes me feel like a nag when I have to keep reminding him. I don't like feeling like a nagging wife. But the biggest frustration is when he looks at me and says I don't understand what you are talking about. What is the big deal? If I am voicing a concern be supportive not dismissive. If you disagree tell me why so we can conpromise. grrrr... but I do love him and his good outweighs his bad by far.

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Passes GAS
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He uses to many cups! I hate cleaning cups!! I usually just let them sit on the counter and add up until I feel like doing them.

Snoring, I HATE snoring!!
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She's (almost) always right, damn it!
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Robert refuses to close things. I'm not talking about the milk carton here. I'm talking about drawers, doors, cupboards, the medicine cabinet. I actually walked into the bathroom at our old place and smack into the medicine cabinet door. It drew blood too!
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I hate it when my boyfriend Farts!! >:O
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I can't wait to be able to have a discussion about the things that bother me about my girlfriend...
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