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Stupid vet!

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My friend told me about her stupid vet & I had to vent about how ignorant he was. My friend brought in one of her 2 cats to be spayed as she (the cat, not my friend) had 3 ltters in less than 2 yrs (irresponsible pet owner). The vet started the procedure, but stopped mid way thru as he said she was pregnant again. He offered to keep her at his office so that as soon as the babies were born he could fix her. He said due to the size of the 3 fetuses, it wouldn't be more than 4 wks. After 4 wks Muushie still didn't have the babies & he said, that it should be soon. This went on for another 6wks. At this point the family demanded some answers. After examination the vet now says she isn't pregnant anymore & that she probably aborted the fetus & ate it. That is fine and dandy - but how did he not figure this out sooner. There should be some evidence in the cage about this. This leads me to believe that the cat was not well taken care of (attention wise). Muushie is now fixed & back at home, but because she has been gone so long, there is WW3 with Baby the other cat. My friend has to play referee to avoid Mushie ripping her stitches. If a doctor for human's can you say malpractice? This poor cat, who is an outdoor cat was locked up for 9 wks. It must of felt like jail!
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First thing I'd do is set up a meeting with him and tell him you deserve an explanation. It doesn't take that long to figure out a cat is pregnant. Once I heard his explanation, if you're satisfied with his explanation, fine. If not, I'd get a copy of te cats file, find a reputable veterinarian in the area (word of mouth is best) and change vets PRONTO. This guy sounds like a quack. I'd also file a complaint against him.

It's vets like that, that can end up being the ones to abuse animals.

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That is truely terrible, you are so right that poor cat must have felt like it was being punished. I know how upset mine was when we had to leave her for a couple of days at the vet when she had her opperation, she didn;t eat at all and was totally misserable. I agree with donna, at the very least change vets, the guy is obviously not fit to be near a cat. Though i am sure he is the exception, generally i think vets tend to be animal lovers, and i always say my cat gets better treatment than i do. So good luck finding a nice vet and loose this guy fast.

Chee & Breeze
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