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bengal and ragdolls

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hello I have just got back from sydney I went down to look at some ragdoll kittens and ended up buying a 3 year old breeding pair, and also a 2 year old bengal female. The reason why I have brought them (because I shouldnt have) as all three have not been socialiced the women I brought them from tutned out to be a back yard breeder perfectly legal and they were all feed and cages cleaned out but not one cat has a name and have not been handled much. Any way the two ragdolls are in the garage hidding they have both let me pick them up and cuddle them but as soon as they wanted down i let them go. the bengal is scared but sitting on my husbands lap. I dont really no how to get them to like us and not be scared. any help as I could not leave them I also think that the two females are preganent.
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Congratulations on your new kitties! But I am confused? You bought them to breed? or you didn't like the place they were kept in.
I saw the pictures and they look good. But still, a visit to the vet will make doubly sure they are okay.
BTW, give them time to adjust to their new home. With lots of love and patience they will cuddle to you in no time.
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i brought them to love thay will both be steralized . I may not keep them as they may not adjust here as i allready have misty and smoky. but I will keep them if they settle in.
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i hated that place that they where at , no names , no toys, no scratching posts and no love, the lady that had them said (when i asked if she had house cats) that she hated cats and only had them to make money. she had bengals, russian blues the ragdolls and siamese. i couldnt affords to buy them all but I would have if i could have.and i wont even start on about the dogs she had.
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thats so sad! it will take time and patience for them to settle in if they havent known love before.

you say you have other cats. more than likely when the new arrivals see how much your cats loves you and that you are not a threat to them they will learn by example.

there are some really good articles on this site about introducing cats.

you need to find out if the females are preganant though as the sooner you find out the easier your options are. you can still have thm spayed depending on how far along the pregnancy is. if you dont want to spay them you will need to start to feed them good quality kitten food and work on your relationship with them so they will have learnt to trust you when the kittens comes.

above all, dont panic. you saved these kitties and they are lucky to have you. good luck.
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