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She's in heat.....AGAIN

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I think I've been misinformed by a co-worker. She told me that my cat will go into heat every six months until I get her fixed. Well....since the middle of January she's gone into heat for the 4th time. She's in the other room moaning like someone is trying to kill her. I swear I have the horniest cat in the world!!! Is it normal to go into heat like every week?? She will do this for 4 or 5 days, theen cool off for about a week. she's just started doing it again. I plan to get her fixed, but after taking care of bills it doesnt allow me to get it done (I just found out I have some options tho, but i have to wait until she cools off again). someone give me some advice before all my hair gets pulled out
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Sorry to tell you, but your co-worker is misinformed herself.
Your kitten will continue to come into heat until a) she is spayed b) she is mated.
From what you are describing she is acting perfectly normal especially that mating season is here.

She is as at risk for health issues the longer she goes with out being spayed or mated, so you really need to get this done soon.

If you don't mind me asking what your options are?

There are low cost clinics and I will see if I can find some links for you~

BTW, welcome to TCS
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well as far as my options, i was told to contact the humane society. if i'm on any type of public assistance I may be able to get her spayed for like a really cheap price (I'm on county insurance). I found this out earlier to day so I may call tomorrow.......actually I can go on the county website and poke around! I tell you, I wish I'd have known the real truth, she claims to have had cats for years.
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Don't be hard on yourself about it! You know the truth now! Have a look at their site, hopefully they can help you out! I also find this site for you, gives info on the different low cost clinics as well as who you can contact in Florida

Have a look!

Keep us updated on how everything goes ok?

Oh and what is your baby's name?
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Some cats will go into heat once a year, some every other week. It just depends on the inidvidual cat, and the frequency varies greatly.

Sounds like your friend was lucky with the females she had.
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Oh yes, her behaviour sounds perfectly normal. Freija - who came into heat early at 3 1/2 months - was exactly the same for the 6 weeks it took to get the money together for her spay (I hadn't planned on having to do it as early as she needed it:-) ). She would come into heat for a week, then go out for a few days, then come back in for a week or so - it was a rough six weeks! She also started in December and kept it up until she was spayed in February - the start of the breeding season.

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DOGS will go into heat every 6 months. Cats are a different story. My vet told me that they will go into heat very often if there is an opportunity to mate in the area, i.e. if your kitty smells a whole male in the viscinity, she will go into heat quite often. And of course, it is mating season which makes her even more receptive to those urges.
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Try this website

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Also if she's an indoor cat then her mating season could be year round because of the additional light she's getting from being inside. She may be out of heat only a few days in between cycles, year round! If you wait too long to spay her she could develop uterine cysts.
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Ugh. Well I tell ya its been another rough week. There's a couple of males I see almost everyday, a siamese and a black & white one. I come home in the morning (graveyard shift) and they are sitting on the porch. These days she tries to make a run for the door every time it's open, so I have to put her in the room and pull the door closed and then I get to leave lol. Sorry guys, but Buttercup won't have the pleasure of "hookin up" with ya lol

Oh, and as far as the county and the spaying, as long as I'm on some type of public assistance (I have county insurance, I qualify), I have to fill out this paper and send it in, they send me a voucher and she gets fixed for $10
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