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Well, this is easy....

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Just wanted to say that my new kitty, who will keep the name Ho Ho (though I don't like it, but it's what I called him at the shelter for the past six months) is a really laid back cat.

Within two days he's fallen in with the pack. They're sleeping together and grooming each other. No fights at all.

But what's really cool is that I bought him a collar today. Since he's been outside for the past three months, he seems to have an obsession with the outdoors, and I'm really afraid he's going to run out the door. So, he's the only one wearing a collar and ID, and I'm planning on getting him microchipped soon.

I was expecting a real fight. All of the cats do wear light plastic collars with their names written on it while their at the shelter. My guess is that they took off his collar when he was moved to the barn. (When I picked him up he didn't have a collar on.) Almost all of the cats will bolt once you get their collar off because they don't want it put back on - including Ho Ho the one time I had to change it. So I kind of sweet-talked him, and moved in close.... and just snapped the collar on his neck. I was even able to remove it and resize it three times without him even getting up. The name tag is new to him, and he keeps grooming where it hits his fur, but that's it.

Is it okay for a cat to be this laid-back? Should I worry about him slipping into a coma one day? lol
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Milo is the same way (very laid-back), and he is only 10 months old. I think they are alot like us in the fact that some of them are laid back while others are a little "high-strung". We have told Milo that he will be fully comatose by the time he is 2 years old.
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Sounds to me like Ho Ho has a great personality - count your blessings he's laid back...I bet some of your kitties will make up for it (LOL)!

Guess I don't have to tell you to make sure the collar's breakaway, but just wanted to mention it to be on the safe side.
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Yeah, it is a breakaway. Don't worry!
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Kaya is the only one of my boys to wear a collar,he must feel special because every time I take it off he meows until I put it back on! Maybe Ho Ho likes his too?!
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That's what I'm hoping! I really don't want to leave it on him forever, but I don't know what he's going to do now that the weather is warming up. I'm just afraid he'll get out and bolt. (Not to mention that he's still property of the shelter until I get my income tax return and pay for him. I could just imagine calling up the foster coordinator, saying "Yeah... Um... Ho Ho excaped... Yeah, I know I said I had him in isolation because of the ringworm... but I didn't." I really don't want that happening!
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