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Ack! Shedding season has begun

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So my cat normally doesn't shed much fur, even when I brush her I get minimal amount of hair on the brush. But lately her fur is really coming out and it's getting everywhere and I vacuum every other day or so.

I'm using a warm and dampened wash towel to wipe her down (she really likes it) and brushing her and petting her more to get the loose fur off her and in the garbage rather than all over the place (makes me sneeze when the hair gets in my face and goes up my nose). She seems to be rubbing herself on things in an effort to get loose fur off.

So how long does this "season" last? Is there anything I can do to help her? I'm tempted to give her a bath, does this help much at all? or is it just added stress and waste of time?

She's also taking on a slimmer/sleeker look too, she seems to have two lengths of hair, a long hair and short hair and all the long ones are falling out. I was worried she was getting fat from eating all the time, but now I think she's too thin...

-Lemur 6
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My mom swore by giving our last cat a bath twice a year to get the extra hair and dust off of her. She was a medium hair cat, and her coat tended to get a little heavy at times.

Try just brushing her daily to help control the shedding.

I haven't noticed my boys shedding yet, but it's only 10 degrees here right now.... Maybe in a month or so when it gets warmer.
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I wouldn't recommend a bath, that can just prompt some stress shedding. I do recommend a Zoom Groom though, they are great for really removing all the loose hair and undercoat
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Yeah it's wierd, it's like 10 deg here too, but I keep the apt warm so I guess she doesn't know that.

Hmm... well kitty doesn't seem to have much of an aversion to water (she jumps in the tub when I take a shower and gets a wet). I'll see how far I can get with brushing, I'm using just a slicker brush right now and it's not doing much, might get me a better one and see how it goes. Never bathed my cat before so might as well give it a try if it gets bad.

Are zoom grooms those rubber things? Do they really work that well? I have a feeling my cat won't like the feeling of rubber pulling her fur (she gets onery if I pet her too rough, she's the "likes very gentle petting type" kitty). Hmm.. I need like a mitt made of that static cling material (you know those gimicky static cling mops they were advertising a few years back). I bet that'd work pretty well without getting fur everywhere.
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My ferals love the zoom groom because it massages as it works the hair. My guess is your cat will love it as well.
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Just like to say that my two like the Zoom Groom also... well, Baylee tolerates it but Max loves it!
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Yes, it is the rubber brush. Hans will tolerate it for only a few moments, but my other three love it. Merlin tosses and turns on the floor to make sure I get every spot, L.S. just rubs it, and Ho Ho will let me hold him steady while I brush off one side, and then the other.
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Hmm... mebbe I'll give these zoom groom thingies a try. I saw a couple of them at the petstore the last time I was there. Think they were under $10...

Does it trap fur well?

-Lemur 6
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Depends on how much your cat is shedding. After a few passes you'll probably have to remove the hair, but I've always found that it mats together on the brush and stays together when you pull it off.

You can also use the zoom groom on furniture to get cat hair off. All you have to do is flip it over. I use it on the cat beds about once a week to get rid of the buildup, because vaccuming doesn't seem to get the cat hair off of them.
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I havent tried using the zoom groom yet.
What I do during shedding season (or after a stress full time at the vet) is groom her everyday with a flea comb and then the slicker brush. She doesn't have fleas but the comb will pick up lots of loose hair and any bits of stuff she gets in her furr. I can get handfulls of fur off of her and she doesnt shed so bad on my carpet this way.
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Hey hey, so I got a zoom groom today. I was looking at the dog one too, but it had stiffer spikes and decided not to get that one, but the cat one is nice and soft and my cat loves it . I was brushing her with it today for a good half hour, and then another 15 minutes and she kept purring away, and ohhh man does it get the fur off. I pulled enough dead fur off her to fill my pockets full and there's plenty more to come off, seems like every 5 minutes of brushing yields a fist full of fur.

It doesn't seem to "hold" the fur very well, but it gets it off real well. I tried using the back end of it to brush her and she likes that as well and it seems to gather all the loose fur to her butt so I can wipe it off with my hand.

Gotta go vacuum again, fur went everywhere, but thanks for recommending that brush to me everyone, didn't know it was so awesome.
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Zoom grooms are great, Shelters are always in need of these because they are easier to disenfect.
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My cats always seem to suffer from seasonal shedding. Right know pretty bad!!
I use those dryer sheets to get cat hair off of furniture and the bed.
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Originally Posted by misstorri
Zoom grooms are great, Shelters are always in need of these because they are easier to disenfect.
Where do you all buy most of your pet supplies? About the only store we have way out there that has anything for cats is Wal Mart....I believe there may be a PetSmart in Jackson (about 30 minutes away).....I never recognize the items you all buy like this zoom groom or the names of the cat food (except for IAMs...cant do that...much too expensive for me)...can you get these things at PetSmart?
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I'm pretty sure you can get them at petsmart. I haven't seen Zoom Grooms yet, but our Petsmart has only been opened since March 5, and I've been there a total of 3 times (to get pet food). When I get dog food in a couple of weeks, I'm going to go check for it and buy a zoom groom if I can find one. Buffy'll really need it, lol
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The zoom groom is great. I have one too (and 3 persian cats). I also bathe my cats too though. About once every 1-2 months. And it helps cut down on probably 80-90% of the shedding. My co workers came over one day and wanted to know why my long haired persians don't shed a ton (in fact they shed very little) when they pick them up! It was funny. If you ever do decide to try to bathe you cat you can find tips on my website at and follow the "Grooming Tips" button. I use a mix of water and vinegar to rinse my cats. The vinegar helps to restore the ph balance of the skin and helps get all the soap out more thoroughly.
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Has anyone tried the black rubber-like brush that looks almost exactly like a human paddle brush
( )
only longer lengthwise, and with longer bristles?

The bristles are maybe between 1-2 inches long, maybe 4 mm wide, cylindrical, and made of a soft, flexible black rubber-like material.

I saw one at Bed Bath and Beyond a couple of days ago, but didn't get it. I called and asked the guy what brand it was and how much it cost - he said "Everlast" and then we got cut off. I've been looking up Everlast online and haven't found it yet.

I'm really interested in it, since it looks totally different from other pet brushes I've used, and they spent a lot on the marketing/packaging. It's like something they'd advertise on an infomercial... (though it's not the ionic brush) so there must be something new and cool about it....
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