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I'm Back

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Okay, I know most of you probably didn't know that I was gone, and from what I understand Hissy did a great job of handling things for me whilst I was away (Thank you MA ). Anyway I'm back now, and although I know most of you don't hear much from me, I do check here several times a day, just to make sure things are running well.

Anyway, thanks to ALL of you who played well with others on the playground!!

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I missed you Ken, whether anyone else did or not!
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hello ken I dont know you because Iam new to TCS but will get to know you now.
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Welcome back Ken...how are the Munchkins doing??

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Thanks guys!

The little ones are doing very well, We've got a good size waiting list of folks who realize that it will take a while to get one (Won't change the breeding plan to keep up with demand).

We were at our Associations Yearly awards last weekend, very nice event, had a great show and banquet, now we're breeding our little blue and white girl this week so hopefully it'll take.

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Ken...I'm really surprized your retired queens haven't been adopted yet..they both look adorable:


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