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Hi ..new to here..and I need advice

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Hi to you all. Just wanted to introduce myself, and my precious baby, Kit Kat. She's a beautiful black cat. She is 14 months old now, and just started her first heat. That's why I came to this site. I've been a bad mommy and needed advice. I feel terrible about not getting her in sooner, and now my lil darling is suffering. If you all could give me any adivice on what I can do to help her threw this, I would be ever so grateful. And if you can tell me if I can go ahead and have her fixed now, or wait till she's out of heat. This is a first for me to have a cat in heat. Thank you all. Please don't hate me, I feel terrible that my baby is going threw this..I just need some advice.
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The procedure might be a little more costly right now because she is in heat, but she will be a lot better off after she has been spayed. She will also be even friendlier than she is now once she has been spayed too. If you accidently let her slip out of the house a tom will find her in a heartbeat and then you will have the complications of a young cat having kittens.
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Hi, it's nice to see you here.

First, you're not a bad Mommy. If you didn't care you wouldn't be asking for help for your KitKat

She will feel so much better and you wil too if you get her into the vet asap...

Take Care & Let us know how the both of you are doing

Love & Peace,
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Some vets won't spay a cat in heat, so you need to ask your vet. The best thing is indeed to have her spayed ASAP.

I am moving this thread to the health forum.

Welcome to the site!
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Welcome to thecatsite as well from me! We all learn by experience. Do not think you are a bad mom because of this experience. You will get her spayed and then have that life experience to help others with!
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I want to thank you all for replying to the post I put here. I will be contacting the vet today, to see what she says. Kit is very special to me, as I know all our cats are to each of us. She is a strange cat, but that gives her even more of a personality. Even now in heat..she don't keep me up all night. Just moans the first couple minutes after I've gone to bed. She follows me everywhere I go, letting me know she's not feeling good. And she's even letting our new dog of two weeks know she's not feeling well. She's not attacking her, she'll just lay down close to her, wanting attention from the dog too.
Thank you all very much for the warm welcomes, and the kind advice.
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When females go into heat, it can be very nerve racking. But they only stay in heat for 7 to 10 days. My munchkin went into heat and I thought it would never end! Her meows sounded like she was in alot of pain and I felt helpless. I couldn't have her spayed because she was supposed to have a litter after her first heat. That never happened. She ended up getting Pyometria, which is an infection to the uterus. Pyometria is very painful and a cat and her babies could die if not treated. The vet ended up doing an emergency spay on her. She's been a happy camper ever since.

Spaying is good in alot of ways (oh, and by the way, you are NOT a bad mother). It prevents cervical cancer and also calms kitty down.

Good luck.

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