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Have you ever tempted to....

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taste the cat food? maybe a just a lil slice of the Science Diet, a nibble of the 9 lives....perhaps a finger full of the fancy feast?? c'mon fess up
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ewwww yuck, thats disgusting , it smells bad enough, i'd never eat it!
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Nope! But... bird biscuits yes... they are made with organic veggies and smell soooo wonderfull when microwaved.
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Um, no thanks!
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Definitely pass on that one....
It smells a bit, plus you KNOW that meat isn't exactly choice. lol
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When I was little, I was bullied by my older brothers, and one time they told me I had cancer and I was going to die if I didn't eat a can of cat food right away, so I dove in. YUCK!!! Not something you want to try,
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Before I knew about cat food ingredients, I bought some Little Friskies canned "food" for my kitty. He wouldn't touch it. I think the stuff smells like garbage (it is actually) and you couldn't pay me to eat it.
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When I was around 6 years old I remember my brother (he would have been around 11) eating cat food, then he would read the ingrediants to me to gross me out. Eeeewww! Now that i think about it, he made up the ingrediants. I dont see the words fish guts and mouse brains in my cats food.
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We had a poll about it. Here is the thread.
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Eeww! Nope! I typically only feed Luna dry food, and it just doesn't look that appetizing. Besides, I don't ever give her any of mine, so I don't take hers. Fair's fair. :-D
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Gotta say no on that one........ewwwwwwww
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