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This is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Catarina sent this to me in an e-mail, and I have to post it here...this is great!!! All we needed is the music to go along with it!!!!! (it's to the tune of The Devil Went Down to Georgia) for those of you who don't know. I LOVE it! Thanks Cat!

Charlie Daniels would be proud of this version!!



The devil came down on NYC
He was lookin for souls to steal.
And he was in a bind cause he was way behind;
With an Arab he'd made a deal.

When he killed Our own on American soil
We knew it was an evil plot.
Bush stepped upon that podium;
Said, "Boy let me tell you what:

I bet you didn't know it,
But We got plans of our own too.
And if you care to take a dare
I'll make a bet with you.

You may have begun this battle, boy,
But give America it's due.
We're gonna find you no matter where you go
We'll win this war against you."

The Marine said:
My name's Johnny
This is where I come in
I'm part of this bet
Your gonna regret
Cause We're the best that's ever been.

Airforce load up Our planes
And bomb those Arabs hard
Cause hell's broke loose in America;
Bush called out the National Guard.

And when We win you'll not see those
Shiny streets of gold
You'll have lost,
Now the devils got your soul.

The Navy jumped on our ships and said:
"We'll start this show"
Fire flew from their turrets
As They struck a mighty blow.

The Army marched across the sands
And they made an evil hiss;
Then a band of Volunteers joined in
And it sounded something like this.

When you attacked America you said
"Look what I have done"
But just cower there in your hole
And let Our Soldiers show you how it's done.

Fire in the towers .. run, boys, run;
America was attacked at the rising sun
Terrorism's always been a faceless foe
It's gonna be a dogfight don't cha'll know.

The devil bowed his head
Cause he knew that he'd been beat
And he realized our American Spirit
He can not defeat.

Bush said: "Devil, just come on back
If you ever wanna try again.... "
I done told you once you son-of-a-b****,
America's the best there's ever been!!!!"
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Wow, now I'm trying to figure out who sent it to me!!! EEEks...I can't remember. Old timers disease! Dang, was it Darlene? Cleo? Rhea? Tiggytoes???...hmmmm????? Well, it was somebody! One of you guys will know! :laughing2

Whoever thought it up was purrrrrty good!

Love & Peace,
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:LOL: :LOL: ya know, it might've been me...I know I got it from someone, and sent it on, but darned if I can remember! :LOL: :LOL:
Guess it doesnt matter, all that matters is that we all can enjoy it now!
(I could check my "sent" folder though! naw!)
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Well, I did check my outgoing mail, but I erased it hahaha! Cleo, you did send it to me! I'm pretty sure of it...

Speaking of old southern rock, at the Pineapple Festival this year, Marshall Tucker was blowing down the stage!!!! :laughing2...they were great...I saw Charlie Daniels when I was eighteen!!!! OMG...I'll never forget when he went "off" with that violin and some other dude and he were playing together...What a memory!

Love & Peace,

On that note...I'm sackin out
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I have always LOVED the Charlie Daniels Band!!

There song still in Sigon (I know it's misspelled) is one of my favorites, and the one about the swamp, though danged if I can remember the name of that one.
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