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neutering question

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I have to book Indie and Minx an appointment to be neutered. What should I expect? Is it likely to be over night or just to the vets in the morning and come home in the evening, what should I expect and do when they come home??
I know I can ask the vet all this, but I prefer first to ask those that have been through it and who have helped me so much before.
I get so upset thinking about it, not because they are being done, as I think that's the best thing, but what if I drop them off at the vets and they think i've abandoned them! I know me and I know i'll be in tears! I know I sound silly, but i'm really worried. Do you think they'd keep them side by side in recovery so they don't feel alone?

Alan thinks i'm over worrying, but it's just the way I am, any advice would be appreciated.
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when I had Presley done I dropped him off in the am and they kept him overnight. I never noticed him paying ny special attention to that area or anything when i brought him home so I don't think there was much pain after the fact. He did sleep and lay around for a day or two more than usual. He ate and drank normal. When I brought him home he in fact headed straight for the food dish. I HATE leaving my cats overnight at the vet but...it had to be done.
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my cats have all come home the same day usually around 5:00 p.m. The males don't have it as bad as the females do. Just be sure you keep the cats separated from each other for at least 24 hours in a room where there isn't a lot to jump on.
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I think medically i'm more concerned with Minx, being female and Indie does like to play fight, so I'll have to be on my guard, though Indie may not feel like playing judging by what you said about Presley.
I don't really want to keep them apart if possible as if one can't see the other, they search until they find their sibling...but I guess i'd have to play that by ear and do what's best for their health.
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opps I must of been posting when you was Hissy, I guess i'll have to part them then...maybe supervised visits, as they hate to be away from each other.
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Ashleigh with you being in the UK this is what normally happens.

Once given a date your vet will tell you when to stop feeding them the night before surgery.

I took Rosie and Sophie in about 9.a.m. and was told to ring at 2.p.m. for an update.

When Rosie was done she was collected about 4.p.m. the same day, but Sophie came out of it quicker and was howling the place down so i got a call to collect her just after 1.30.p.m.

My vet and i think it goes for most vets in the UK?, gave me a sheet telling me that they had been given a painkiller that lasts for 24 hours, along with a list of do's and don'ts such as keeping them in a warm quiet room, not allowing them to jump any heights etc...

I don't know if they'll keep them both together because Rosie and Sophie were done at separate times, but they'll be drowsy anyway to know i would imagine.

Don't worry they'll be fine
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The night stay depends on the vet, some vets will want to keep them overnight, but usually they go home the same day. Girls usually have to stay overnight, but their surgery is a lot more invasive. You have to take their food away the night before which they probably won't like, then you take them in the morning. Its a good idea to take them in seprate carriers because if they go home the same day they might still be a little groggy and not recognize each other. Rarely do they even notice they are missing their equipment. Usually they recover in the clinics cages, which are made out of steel, it won't matter if they are side by side because they won't know who their neighbor is, and you don't want them to recover together, they won't recognize each other.
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Don't worry. i was a nervous wreck too!!! Liemrick was really sleepy after his surgury, and hungry!!! Try to not let them lick at the stiches, I know it's hard. I got Limerick a blanket from the baby section of Walmart, he loves it.
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Thank you so much everyone. I guess Indie i'm not as worried about, as he isn't as needy (roles reversed over time!) but Minx is my shadow, and very very affectionate i'd hate her to think i've abandoned her, and i know leaving them there i'll be in pieces! But I also know its for the best.

No food! oh there will definatly be sulks over that one

Ok i've just edited this rather than post again, I plucked up the courage after reading your replies to ring the vets, they go in next Tuesday maybe i'll ask the vet for a shot to calm me down while i'm there!! But I can bring them home the same day!
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I asked for my two (litter mates) to be kept together as much as possible, because they are normally inseparable. When I went to pick them up I was told that the first one to have the op woke up first and screamed the place down, seeing his brother lying in the next cage to him. This woke up number two, who joined in the yowling. The vet couldn't stand the noise any longer, put them together, they curled up together and went back to sleep.
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Ashleigh don't worry!, i bawled my eyes out in the surgery on both occasions

The nursing staff are used to it
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Our girls were done before we got them- But Gibby, Aww.. I was so upset, I calle dthe Vet early, to check on him, and I let him ride in the front seat with me in the carrier, tethered in) And I gave him my blankie to have with him in the kennel. He was spoiled. LOL I evel carried him around like a baby, in the blankie all that evening... He thought I'd gone nuts, butreally, he was so tired still from all the medicines.
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The last time one of my cats was "fixed" was ions ago, but Zorro had to spend the night. It is a simple surgery and they recover from it very easily.

Jess had to have an ER hysterectomy and spent the night, and she had to be quarantined upon return to the house to keep her stitches intact. However, when I went to get her the next morn, I said her name and she turned around and cried for me!

Snickers recently spent a week at the Vet!!!! day & night. I stopped by nightly or in the mornings to visit my boy & get hugs & kisses. He was none-the-wiser... very happy to be home & isn't acting any different. If anything he's happier & happy to be with momma again.

I think when you get your cats back is all dependent upon how they come out of the anesthetic. Some cats come around quicker and some are woozy and have to be monitored.
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Thanks everyone, my daughter has informed me today that she has a day off from college on Tuesday, and that she'll come with me...which is better for me as Alan couldn't get time off.
She has suggested we drop them off, then go by a nice new and bigger bed for them (as they are getting real big now mum!) and some new toys for when they are back on their feet...she has it sussed lol.
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