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Indie likes cheese!

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I'd grated some cheese for Alan and I to have in a sandwich, there was a little left on the plate which was on the kitchen work top. Alan and I ate our lunch, and when we went back into the kitchen, Indie was on the work top eating the remainder of the cheese! Alan put him on the floor and he wouldn't stop crying for more cheese! Since then whenever there is cheese about Indie seems to know and cries for some lol...anyone elses babies like different foods?
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My Angel doesn't like anything different. All he will eat is the broth from canned chicken and his dry food. I offered him fresh grilled salmon the other day and he wouldn't touch it.

Does Indie eat all kinds of cheese or just a certain kind?
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Well he's not been at any other type lol, we don't give him cheese cos of the fat but he just got hold of it that day. I think with Indie he'd probably eat anything though, he does try and get up on the table and sneak a bit of our food! but we keep putting him down and telling him no, which he does seem to be learning now...mind you he goes round licking everything in sight too, maybe he's just ' different' lol
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my oldest cat likes popcorn, granted I don't right out feed it to her but you know I'm on the sofa watching Oprah eating some micro popcorn I drop one now n then on the floor and Pepper chews it up, maybe she likes the butter but I only buy the light variety so there isn't much on it.
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socks loves cheese
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Most cats love cheese, the stronger the better. Persil will swipe cheddar off your plate as you're about to eat it. If a cat won't eat, a little strong blue cheese sprinkled on top will sometimes do the trick.
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