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My cat won't bury its p**p

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My female cat was found abandoned in a park 5-6 years ago. She is now healthy and fat, but one problem she's had since day one is that when done going #2 in the box, she doesn't bury her goodies! Is that because her lack of bonding with mama or cause she is ditzy?

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LOL...In 90% of the cases, their moms didn't do it or they never got a chance to learn to use the box by watching mom. It is a fairly common thing in cats who have been taken from their moms too early or thier moms went somewhere else to do thier buisness.
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Napoleon learned how to bury his poop when he was 8 years old by watching his new brother, Alex. Alex actually did it for him until Napoleon got so embarrassed he did it himself. This may sound silly, but you could try teaching your cat what to do. Probably won't work, but it may be worth a try.
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Michelle might have a point. And, maybe your cat can learn from you instead of another cat.
I don't think that cats like to smell the poo either. At first, my kitty didn't cover his waste. He seemed to watch with interest as I covered the stuff before scooping (otherwise it would stick to the scooper ). He seemed to take a little more than a half-hearted swipe at the litter after watching me clean up after him a few times.
After having kitty for a few weeks (and after he recovered from a couple of bouts with diarrhea), I finally put the lid on the litter box.
Twice now when I've the taken the lid off of the box to clean, the cat came over to investigate. Maybe he smelled the poo up close and personal because he promptly jumped back into the box to finish the covering job! I certainly told him what a good cat he was after that...even though I was saying it through laughter .
Maybe if you can get your cat to come by the box at cleaning time she will get the hang of it.
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I laughed when I read this. My old kitty JoJo who recently died got lazy in his old age and wouldn't "tidy up" after himself. My other two girl kitties would jump in after him and clean up. One of my girls likes to be there when your scooping. If you scooping one box she likes to jump in the freshly cleaned box and christen it, then once your done with the other box she does a little pee pee in there also.
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Much like Crazy Cat Lady, our little Sassy prefers watching me clean one box, then the other...most of the time she waits patiently for me to finish the first and move on before she refouls the first, but then there are those times I guess I don't clean fast enough and she starts to climb in...

Striker is a different story...when he was our one and only and very much a kitten, his box was under a table in our basement family room. As soon as he heard me scraping, he would come and investigate. He sat on top of the table to "oversee" my work, and more than once gave me a good swat to the head, for what I'll never truly know. These days I think he's just happy to have somewhere clean to go...

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I have a new kitten also, I see your dilemma, but I saw him do his stuff, and I took the kitty gently and used his paw to cover it up.. he doesn't always do it, but he is getting the idea, the litter box is still kind of small till i get a better and bigger one, so now he thinks he's doing it, while he's just rubbing the ground right beside it (hehehehe)..

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I've got two cats - Honey always covers up after herself, and also likes to jump straight on the tray after I've cleaned it! Misty prefers to go outside, and sometimes covers up but sometimes she just leaves it lying there. When she does go on the tray, she sometimes tries to cover up by scratching the floor beside it, aww! I've recently bought a new tray with a lid, and although they seem to like it cos it's a bit more private, Honey gets out of the tray before covering up her mess and then can't work out how to get back in to do it! At least with a lid on the tray you can't see everything! There's a filter too to stop the smells escaping.
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I have a male cat that doesn't seem to know how to bury anything in his box. He'll pee in it, the scratch at the edge of the box. His major problem is, if his box is even a little dirty, he will do #2 on the floor.
When we got him, we noticed there were no boxes for him or his littermates to use. They were using the shower ( the kind that is only a shower stall)
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