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Past kitties:
Spookie was born on halloween, her daughter was Sandbaby for her color looked like sand, her daughter was Puffquin (puff) who looked like a puffball who was the mother to my now Jazzaman (Jazz or Jazzy) for her jazzed out black calico coloring.

Dancer was a 6th generation black feral cat I tamed who turned out to be my savor from an abusive marriage. Smokey was a russian blue someone dumped who had the most beautiful blue grey eyes. Lucky was the most unluckiest cat I ever had*. Tigger a grey tiger stripped cat. littermates BooBoo, Rover and Cindy were kittens of mine and my brothers (rover for my oldest brother, BooBoo middle brothers and Cindy was mine after the brady bunch) and at one point in time I had the privalige to own 3 male calicos 1 father (Diamond for the diamond shape on his back) and 2 sons (Coon was marked like a raccoon and Bandit was a tortise shell calico)

Harley chaser (Chase) was a main coon mix who could purr louder than a harley davidson, Cleocatra (Cleo) thought she was queen of the house. Harleyquinn (Harley) is Chase and Cleos daughter named for her many coat colors of being a tortiseshell calico.

J.C. (Just Cat) was Cleo's sister I could not think of anything so JC fit. Vixen was her daughter and she knew she was all of that and a side of fries even at 6 weeks.

Isis is short for Isicle and the god of the sky who later married hades thus my devil cat siamese. Samona was already named but spelled Samoia. Trey is named after Nascar (Intimidators to tuff to tame (Dale Earnheardt Sr and Darlington race track)) Walker after texas walker ranger, Stone after Stone cold Steve Austin, Shadow follows others around like a shadow, Desha after a character from Mercedes Lackey books.

I have had so many different animals over the years and raised kittens and puppies from birth starting at age 4 and I turn 30 in June. Sometimes I wonder if I will run out of names but never. ai****eru (I love you) my kitties. I am now on to some very interesting names since learning some Japanese.

** Lucky was found at a horseshoe court abandoned, starved and almost hit in the head by a flying horseshoe, he came home with me where he was stepped on by a horse, which broke a back leg took off some skin and my brother wanting to put it out of its misery, he went on to be shot 3 times by deranged neighbor and ended his life when crossing the road in front of a car.
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Grissom was the name of the maine coon I originally saw on petfinder at a local shelter. When I called, he was already placed. So I went to the other shelter and found Otto. I don't like that name at all and so he became Grissom. Jeter was named so to appease Robert. he had his eye on a cat at the shelter and wanted to name it Jeter. Well, we couldn't adopt because of the pet limit and them calling the landlord. So when I found jeter, I knew he'd be upset that I got a new cat and he couldn't get the one he wanted, so I named it Jeter to appease him. Fellini was initially Pedro, in keeping with the baseball theme, but we didn't like it. Finally we settled on Fellini after Federico Fellini of 8 1/2 fame.
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Originally Posted by Zoe'n'MissKitty
My boyfriend and I took about 2 weeks to name Zoe. For a few days we weren't sure of her sex, then we just couldn't find one that fit. One day I thought of the name "Chloe", because it's sweet but a bit off the wall, like she is. Well, right when I thought of it, my boyfriend said "what about 'Zoe'," for the same reasons I was thinking of "Chloe". The two sound so similar, and the "z" sound fits her better, so we went with Zoe.
Same name here but chloe kept coming out cleo which is a friends long past cat.. so we named her Zoey:0

Kandie Apple Kane got her name because i thought she looked like a cookie.. I was 11 ... We called the dogs biscuts cookies so that was a bad name ... I thought again and thought she kinda looked like some hard carmel candies... so I named her Kandie Apple , My mom named her Kandie Kane so it is Kadie Apple Kane... lol.. KK for short 16 yrs later..
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Originally Posted by Kathryn41
She was in heat when she was spayed and the vet said she was certainly one fertile little girl. Hehehe, I found out that Freija is actually the Norse goddess of fertility:-).
That is one wierd coincidence!

I forgot to mention our three cats in the past.

Bootsie had white boots on his back paws. I was five, and it was a cutsie name, plus we didn't know at the time if he was female or male. He was the neighborhood stray, and was also called Brutus and for some odd reason Fluffy. (He was a short hair .)

Max was named when I was 8. For some reason I've always just loved that name, though I'm not sure where I heard it first.

Ebony (Eby for short) was just something that mom and I decided on rather quickly when on the phone with my aunt. One of her cats had kittens, and mom had decided she wanted a cat around the same time. My aunt wanted to know what to call the kitten so it would learn it's name from an early age. It was going to be Ace if it were male and Ebony if it were female. At the time, mom and I had a hard time agree on anything. (I was 10.) So we had to keep the name simple and descriptive. (We don't have that problem now, thankfully!)
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Sam, when he found me, had half of his fur shaved off his back, close to the skin, leaving little bloody patches umm, yea, won't rant now
Anyhow, I knew when his fur grew back, that he'd be strong and healthy again. So I named him "Samson". Everyone refused to call him that though, so it was shortened (obviously) to "Sam"

Mica, was (I kid you not) named "Gilbert" at Petsmart. They assured me that she was a boy. I did try to check to make absolutely sure when I got her home, unfortunately, she doesn't take too kindly to people looking under her tail. I've got the scars to prove it.
I'm not very good at thinking up names, so I asked around for suggestions at work, and finally settled on "Drake". I took lil Drake into the vet for "his" 8 week shots, the vet looks at her behind and gets a confused look.
"Why did you call her Drake?"
Me *chokes*
I went out to the main waiting area, and handed the baby to my friend, who had driven me there. While I'm waiting she's speaking to the kitten in croation, and calling her "my little mica"
I asked her what it meant, she said "kitty"
I was like "done!" I changed her name to that right there, because I could see another week of migraines trying to think up an original name
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Neat thread-

1.) Pikachu (RB): couldn't think of a name until I saw the hand towel being used on her which had the cartoon character "Pikachu" of Pokemon.
2.) Miu-miu: found him, couldn't come up with a name. I'd call him "Miu-miu", and he'd respond, so it stuck!
3.) Peanut & Butter: 2 sib orange kitties. Need I say more?
4.) Jelly: after P&B, I think it's just natural that I name the next "Jelly"!
5.) Mango: couldn't come up with a cute name, until I realized my pattern for naming my cats is based on food!
6.) Lucy: my mom named him that from the Peanuts character - but apparently, Lucy is a male! And we didn't bother changing him name again (plus he's fixed!).
7.) Tofu & Beanie: 2 sib white kitties. Inspired from soy beans!
8.) Tiger/Little One: named her that because we thought we were going to lose her, she was so emaciated, dehydrated, everything! "Little one" because she's about 6 months now, but she's soo small she's like 2 months old. She weighs about 1.5kg.
9.) Shrekie: my bf found him outside his house, and planned on bringing him to me. But I couldn't take him in, and Shrek stayed with him. He was named that because my bf got a dog earlier that month and named her "Fiona". So I thought it would be cute if I name the cat Shrekie.
10.) One-eye: found him without one eye.
11.) Righty (RB) & Lefty: both were given to me by my aunt because they lost one eye each due to severe infection. Named with which eye is working.

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At the time I found my first kitty I lived in Wayne, NJ so I found it only fitting to name him "Wayne" Now he looks like a Wayne....

The second cat that I rescued was all black, he was beat up pretty bad, his eye and his ear were also pretty messed up. So I decided to name him Tyson. A fighter- - - but not very good at it
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I've always wanted to name a cat "You Damn Cat!"
None of my cats fits. Each cat kind of grew into the name he got: Scuba, Rugby and Hoover.
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Samantha got her name 16 years ago when my mom adopted her from my father's hunting club pic-nic. Someone's cat had had kittens, and instead of taking them to the shelter they brought them to the pic-nic and my Mom adopted her. She was the only long haired, striped cat in the bunch. The rest were black kittens. We found out later that she was a maine coon cat. I named after the character in Bewitched, Samantha. At the time, we had a female all black cat we named Tabitha, for the daughter off of the show. Mom got her out of warehouse where she worked. She got hit by a car when she ran out of the house. I took Samantha with me when I got married and moved out because my Dad had adopted 2 male kittens that constantly beat her up, and she hid all of the time.
Smudge got her name, even though I tried in vain to name her Jazmyne. She was dumped in a neighborhood by my parents house, and my sister scooped her up, and brought her to me. She looks like a white cat that someone dropped black paint on, and then "smudged" some across her nose. Hence, the name my father gave her. Smudge.
Little Miss, Missy, got her name because shes so dainty...very petite, even when she was pregnant, she jumps very lady-like. One of my co-workers found her in her backyard. And she fought tooth and nail to get out of the cat carrier she was in!! I kept saying "Look, Little Missy.." And the name stuck. Even when I found out what a "hussy" she was She must have JUST gotten pregnant when I took her. I found out she had tapeworms and she had a huge gash on her back paw, where you could clearly see the bone. My co-workers vet missed that. Good thing I didnt. Good thing my vet didnt. She was put on antibiotics. I am so amazed that her babies are as healthy as they are. They will be 3 weeks old on Saturday. I am in the market for some good names, though. Hopefully more of their personality will come out.
I named a male stray that my dad adopted Snickers because he seemed like he was always "snickering" at everyone. He is now known as Sneaky Snickers, because he steals.
Sassie...well, her name says it all. She is a saucy, sassy, 4 pound powder puff...color and all...little walking attitude problem. She almost died. She had a cold in her eyes, and she could hardly breathe. I was lucky I found her when I did. She has an outrageously long tail that the puffy tip of it taps the back of her head. I think being sick stunted her growth and she probably wont get much bigger...but she is healthy now.
Bjourne came with his name...it means Bear in norwegian. Hes a siberian husky, and hes a mama's boy, and I love him!! He was a rescue, too.
*Sigh* I want to save everything...
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I named the cat that i had when i was 4 Candy because I liked candy and I also liked him.
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Thanks for the pointer, Kathryn, I'll have to be a bit more alert about that next time.
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