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How did your cat gets it's name?

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After a weekend of naming my new kitten, I was thinking about how everyone else came to their names..So..how did your cat get it's name?

Tinkerbelle was named by my neices who's favorite disney characters were Tinkerbell(peterpan), and Belle(beauty and the beast)..so we combined them to come up with Tinkerbelle.

Zeha got her name because she has a total of 24 toes, and in German "Zeh" means Toe.
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Ok, let me introduce to you Milky, why Milky? As you can see in the picture, it´s totally white, so we inspirade from the “Milky Wayâ€, we loved, because he´s friendly, cute and gently, his little bio begin when we are looking (after our wedding) for a cat in loving memory of “Misho†a cat who lived (It was equal to Milky coat) with my wife six years ago and die, well finally we found “Milkyâ€.
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Dori's name is actually Midori and I named her after my favorite drink, Midori Sours
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I'd gone to see Indie and Minx before they came home, Minx was into everything, even at 3 weeks, I just thought she's gonna be a little minx, so that name stuck with her. With Indie, We was talking about indie music, and I just looked at him and thought, wow that name would suit him so that's how he got his.
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mine races around the house and scratches me like a meany!
so he is a devil just in german
Plus i thought it was cool bcause downstairs the cat is called devil and mine is teufel
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Originally Posted by squirtle
Dori's name is actually Midori and I named her after my favorite drink, Midori Sours
That's actually a common thing to do (name a pet after an alcoholic drink). I named Baylee after Bailey's Irish Cream (back when we thought she was a boy), which was an ingredient in one of my favorite shots. Actually on my birthday I got to try Bailey's on the rocks... so yum!

Max came with his name.. he was originally Amax so we just chopped off the A. I really love the name Toby and it would've suited him better but he was at least 6 when we got him so we didn't want to confuse him.
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I named Gandalf and Samwise after characters in the Lord of the Rings. I figured literary names would be good.

The cat I had as a child I named Bubbles after Michael Jackson's Chimpanzee, at the time it was a cool thing to do but now knowing what we know about Mr. Jackson it is a little embarassing.
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Limerick is a town in the north west of Ireland. It's a family tardition to name pets Irish names. My Grandmother's family is from County Cork, Ireland too!!
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This can be a long story so I'll try for the abridged version:

I was 8 years old, my 16 year old brother found a stray cat. I wanted to name it so I bought a cat name book with my allowance. Found the name Waffle, loved it, but my brother thought it was stupid and said he got to name the cat. He named it Oliver (since it was an orphan) and I promised him then and there that when I had my first cat on my own it would be named Waffle. So, when I was looking for kitties and I met my baby girl I just knew that she was Waffle...she's a perfect fit for the name! So there you go! I always keep my word.
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My boyfriend and I took about 2 weeks to name Zoe. For a few days we weren't sure of her sex, then we just couldn't find one that fit. One day I thought of the name "Chloe", because it's sweet but a bit off the wall, like she is. Well, right when I thought of it, my boyfriend said "what about 'Zoe'," for the same reasons I was thinking of "Chloe". The two sound so similar, and the "z" sound fits her better, so we went with Zoe.

Unfortunately, Miss Kitty wasn't so lucky with patient namers. Her ex-mommy named her before her daddy could come up with a really good one. He would have named her Gizmo (after "Gremlins"...she looks like Gizmo and she responds to Giz's song). But Miss Kitty it was.
Eh, it fits her I guess...she's kind of prissy little miss. hehe
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i named socks because hes grey with white paws, that look like...well...socks
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There are so many different names for on this site. Nytro was named even before we got him. Our last two cats, Scamp and Boots, lived to be over 19 years old each. When Boots (the last one) passed a year ago we said we were never getting another cat, it hurt too much to lose them. My husband is a NHRA racing fan and they use some kind of Nitro gas to jump start the cars. Nitro-glycerin (sp?) is for heart patients to jump start them ... so Nytro was named for a cat who would jump start us and heal our hearts. We looked long and hard (wanted a Main Coon) and finally found him. He's only 7 months old but he has certainly become a large part of our lives already. Of course since my name is spelled with a "Y" I had to spell his with a "Y". Laurey
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George and Gracie for George Burns and his wife Gracie Allen. For those who are not old enough, they were a comedy team many years ago. Ask your folks or grandparents.
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Merlin came with the name Freddy Fingers (he's polydactyl), and I just hated it. It took two weeks of trying different names out to see what fit. I was watching the movie Merlin on the SciFi channel one evening, a movie I've loved for years, and I thought that the character Merlin that was portrayed in the movie fit Mer's personality perfectly - calm and collected until I was in trouble, and then he'd jump in to protect me. Mom thought it was perfect beacuse even at 18 pounds could just dissappear and reappear out of thin air.

L.S. came with the name Steel. Hated it. We decided on the name Dax, from Star Trek, because the kitten trilled (vocally) all the time. That lasted a week. Mom started yelling Little &^#* because he kept getting into things, and it fit him so perfectly that the name stuck. He will come running when we call him.

Hans had his name for about 14 years by the time I got him, and even though I'm not sure he knew it when he brought him home, he knows his name now.

Ho Ho was named by his first foster parents from the shelter. I've known him for six months, and have called him Ho Ho the entire time. So while I'm not crazy on the name, I can't imagine calling anything else. (Well, I've nick-named him Ta-kun, but I doubt it'll stick.)
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In order by age: Boots, a DS Holstien 12 years old and a rainman was given a superior name to the Clinton's Socks, a look-alike.

Grey, an 8 year old Manx, named for his color, a silver grey, a real live wire (as are all Manx's) and has the Munchkin gene on his front-end.

Tico, a 6 year old foundling, named for the area (Tellico) where she was found while I was scouting for deer hunting territory. She is, like Boots, a DS Holstien, and VERY active. Her tricks are leaping up to turn on or off light switches. How she gets her huge rear off the ground that high is a mystery.

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Jasper and his littermate Jade (RB) were name for gem materials - note my username?
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Lion and Bear both arrived at around 10 days old as orphans with their sister. I got the first kitten (Lion) on Friday evening from a neighbourhood boy, then the next 2 the following evening from the same boy - his dog had killed their mother. I had 3 10 day old kittens just opening their eyes -2 who had been at least 24 hours without food - demanding immediate attention and food every 2 hours. It was a daunting thought - once I had time to think of it - and I felt very much like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz going through the forest and worried about all of the unseen dangers. The kittens got the collective name of "Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh my!" and I worked out the details of who was whom over the next few days. The little girl became TIger because she had more stripes - and her name has since been modified to 'Tiger Lily" or just "Lily". Lion and Bear are kind of mixed up - Lion is the heavier and stockier of the two and Bear, of course, has this huge mane just like a Lion!

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Bert and Ernie got their names from a coworker one day while I was at work. I could not think of any names that fit the twin brothers for the life of me! So one day Julie said, "How about Bert and Ernie?!" And I must say 8 months later, the names definately do fit!

Bella was already named when she came to me, but I must admit it was an exceptional choice.

All my Albuquerque rescue cats I name while I'm driving them to the clinic in Santa Fe. And really, random names just come into my head. Hey it can be a long drive with a cat meowing the entire way The last kitty I brought up I named Willow. She is such a sweetheart!
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Abbie and Freija are also littermates. Their Mom was a feral I was feeding and I knew when she had the kittens. We couldn't find them, though, and Mom Mollie kept hanging around so much that we thought the kittens didn't survive - until the first weekend in October I woke to find she had brought three 9 week old kittens to my doorstep - she wanted help feeding them!

Two of them ran away to the yard when I opened the door, but the third just stayed with her mother looking at me. She had this wise, little, wizened 'old lady' looking face, and the name Abigail just came into my head - it fit her perfectly. I ended up keeping Freija because she wouldn't socialize and I could not in good conscience give her to another home. I couldn't think of a name for her and ran through a gamut, but nothing fit. She finally did socialize and become approachable at 5 months old and I had 2 name choices that seemed to fit - Petra because we had had another gray and white cat named Peter when I was a girl who had similar markings, and Freija, because she had this wild, valkyrie type of personality. I end up sticking with Freija - and it was even more appropriate than I realized. She went into heat very early - at 3 1/2 months and I couldn't afford to get her and Abbie spayed until they were 5 months old so endured 6 weeks of her almost constant heat . She was in heat when she was spayed and the vet said she was certainly one fertile little girl. Hehehe, I found out that Freija is actually the Norse goddess of fertility:-).

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K.C. for Kitty Cat, because she looks like a kitten.

Dusty because she looks 'dusty'. We call her 'Mop'.

Snickers because as a kitten, he looked like dark chocolate, caramel & nougat. Now, he's just dark chocolate. Interesting coat he had back then!

Zorro because he wears a black mask! The movie was popular when he was born, too.

Hammie is short for "Hamtaro"; the orange-n-white hamster on Cartoon Network. He looks AND acts like a freaking hamster!

Miss Jessie because I couldn't think of anything else and there's a song I always liked about "....living in a trailer by the sea, you the cat and me..."
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Pixel's name came from a book, The Cat Who Walked Through Walls, but i like it (short for 'picture element' the dots of color on computer screens & TVs that make up the picture!)
so i had to think of a computer related name for her sister - came up with Mouse (who was actually kinda mouse-colored, as well).
then Cable showed up this fall - took me a while to come up with a name for her. if i had realized she was female, i might've thought of something different, but i thought she was a boy kitty - she had me fooled!
anyway, i've got a name for a few future kitties, if/when i get more - Links, Reboot, CeeDee, Floppy, Disc, Hard Drive, Serial... i could go on, but i won't!
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Eponine was named after my favorite character in Les Miserables
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Mainly mine are named whatever seems to suit them.
Rufus is easy...he's red, hence his name, which I am given to understand is synonymous with red.
His sister, Shadow, was so named because she tended to keep to the shadows and watch us.
JR is short for Jezebel's Revenge...named because we feel certain that she was the former Jezebel's revenge on our other cats for hassling her. Jezebel, by the way, was so named because she was one mean hussy.
Our dog, Opie, is named that because he is a Carolina Dog and his namesake from Andy Griffith lived in the Carolinas and also because he has red hair and the same stupid grin.
Smudge and Dink were named that because those are newspaper terms and I found them behind the paper where I work.
Myrtle, our dog, is short for Moaning Myrtle, who was named after the ghost in Harry Potter. In case you didn't guess, our Myrtle moans and whines a lot and for many reasons.
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[quote=laureen227][font=Trebuchet MS][size=3]Pixel's name came from a book, The Cat Who Walked Through Walls

I wondered if that was the source of Pixel's name when I saw their pictures on one of your posts. I thought that was a great book although I hated the ending. Sci-fi reading has always been one of my favs.
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[quote=laureen227][font=Trebuchet MS][size=3]Pixel's name came from a book, [u]The Cat Who Walked Through Walls[/u

I wondered if that was the source of your Pixel's name when I saw his picture on one of your posts. I do love to read sci-fi and Heinlein's a great one in the field, IMHO.
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Boy, I sure messed up quoting your post.
What am I doing wrong? Anybody.
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Eric (my fiancee) and I love watching anime (japanese animation). Sakura means cherry blossom in japanese and it just seemed to fit with her personality. Her origanal name was Daphne. All her brothers and sisters names started with the letter "d" to keep track of the familys in the shelter. I couldnt seem to call her that name. It didnt feel right.
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I named by Naked Sphynx Kitty Monte, after the movie "The fully Monty".....no other explanation is probably needed
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Originally Posted by unicorn
Boy, I sure messed up quoting your post.
What am I doing wrong? Anybody.


looks to me that when you edited the quote you also snipped the end of the quote [/quote] off so the computer didn't have the full information to cut and paste the quote in with your response:-). Don't worry - I have done that too!

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misty was named because as a kitten she was just a wisp of a thing like a misty morning, and smokey becase he is grey and I couldnt think of a differant name that i like even though I have had another cat called smokey ( deceased at 16yrs) but I did show him smokey the 1st photo and ask him if it was ok to call him smokey to ( I know I got some strange coments over that one) now i have got three other cats to name as I have just got three more .
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