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About YOU....

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I have been here for awhile now, and have met some amazing people whom I cherish, so I was thinking of ways to meet more.. I see alot of you in the forums, and we talk back and forth, but I don't really know anything about you, I could tell you a screen name to a cat picture, but that's about tell me about yourself.
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My name is Leah. I am 37 years old and I'm married to the most wonderful man in the world. I have two step children that live with us. We live in the country on an acre and a 1/2 which allowes us to have 4 dogs. We also have 5 cats, 2 cockatiels, two box turtles and some fish. We work in Seattle, which is about 50 miles away from home, at a plating shop. I work in the office doing Accounts payable and purchasing. Our hobbies are the dogs, (of course), gardening, biking and hiking. Nice to meet you.
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Hi there! Let's see...I'm Katherine, 22 years old, and a senior at UCF in Orlando, FL. I'm applying to master's programs over summer and just took the GRE (thank god that's over). My hometown (and where my parents still live, not to mention one of my favorite places on earth) is in Ormond Beach which is about an hour away from Orlando and just north of Daytona Beach on Florida's east coast. I just have my one kitty Waffle for now, but live with my roommate's kitty as well in our 2-bedroom apartment. I've had the same boyfriend for almost 3 years now. I'm aerobics instructor at my school and work at a family visitation center on weekends. I absolutely love to dance! Lastly, Waffle has me wrapped around her little finger and officially is the owner of me I would say.

Nice to meet ya!
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hey youre stealing my thread
Im fran, im 18, have my wonderful black teufel, i live with my bf.
I have a small aquarium, Im currently doing VCE by correspondence, (which is A levels) ... hmm i dont work.... but i would like to! I like to iron socks and towels.
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Oh about me..

Well my name is Lastajia, though most people just call me Lacey. I am 19(20 in May) I go to school here in South Dakota as a junior, majoring in Psychology. I work in a Behavoral health Center, and love it. Let's see, I am dating a wonderful guy, and have been off and on since I was 13, and we recently found out that I am going to be having a baby(due date is Sept. 18.)

I am owned and operated by my 2 dogs, Buster and Romeo, and by my 3 cats Tinkerbelle, Rhiannon, and Zeha.
I foster dogs from Puppy Mills, and resocialize them for new homes, as well as other abused and neglected animals.
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aww a baby!!! COngratulations!!
I think its baby season on tcs!
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Hey Leah, Katherine, and Fran nice to meet you.
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Lastajia, it's nice to learn more about you! What do you want to do with your psychology degree?
My name is Amy and I am 25. I work as a sexual assault/domestic violence victim advocate for the Army. My major in college was criminal justice (which required a lot of psych classes). I went to the University of Georgia.
I'm owned by Eponine, who will be 4 this summer. I'm also in the process of adding a new kitten to the home. I just moved into my own 1BR apt., though it looks like my boyfriend, Bradley (who I have been dating for almost 2 years), may be moving in with me soon
I look forward to talking to you more and getting to know you better!
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Here are some thread where people have talked about themselves... (Facts about you thread) (Biographies thread, now over 2 years old)
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My name is Barbara Alice Trowbridge, and I have always been "too" good, hence my nickname. My friends call me Bobbie.
I am almost 50, have never been married, and am the only surviving member of my family. I had an identical twin named Tommie who died in 1990.
Mama died in 1997; daddy in 1973.
I live alone in mama's house. My cats Shenandoah and Humble let me stay there. They are almost 5. They are the joys of my life.

My good friends are my family.

mama died of colon cancer. I had colonoscopies done and LOTS of polyps were found. In 2003, I had a temporary ileostomy and lived with the bag on my tummy for 4 months. They then did the reversal.

I am fine now!
I have taught elementary school for 22 years.
I have a 6 year degree in Elementary Ed, and I have a Master's Degree in English, with a minor in History and in French.

I love being active. I walk, jog, rollerblade, swim, etc.

I love movies, and I am a Survivor and American Idol addict.

I am sure this is more than you wanted to know.
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Hey Lastajia, nice to meet you.

My name is Rigel,
I`m 36 years old, i`m married with a wonderful person!
I`m from Mèrida, yucatÃ:censor:n, Mèxico..
I try day after day to learn english as my second language!
I have just one cat called Milky, as you thought is my king
I`m accountand, love to listen music all kind of genders begin to Classical music until Heavy metal too!!!
Love all sports but my favourites are F-1 & baseball my favourite team is Cleveland Indians

well hope you have an Idea of me

See you on the forums!

ps: sometimes I`m very mischevious & forget my misspell
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Hey it's good to meet you. I'm Brandon, 19 years old and a freshman at SLCC. Doing chemistry right now, and thats got me pretty beat, lol. I have my two cats, they're lazy as ever and we also have a few other animals. Horses and such. Lets see... I love cars and cats

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Congrats on the baby!

My name is Stephanie...
I live on the Southern Side of Cincinnati (Florence, KY). I'm turning 33 this month. I have one daughter named Emily Rose, she's 8 yrs old. I have 6 cats, all of whom are dearly loved and majorly spoiled! I am not married. I'm an equal mix of German & Irish, so I'm a fair-skinned, hot-tempered redhead. I am stubborn, strong willed & extremely hyper. Must be the Irish in me.

I own my own home, it was a fixer-upper that actually I bought from my parents, my childhood home. I love little sports cars and mine will be paid off in a year (*whew*). I like music... any kind, from blues & jazz to rock to classical. I like ta read mystery novels & I like westerns. 2 of my favorite movies are "Dances With Wolves" and "Tombstone".

I like to work with my hands... like to get dirty & bloodied up while working on my house or in the yard. On a more feminine side, I like to do crafts & other creative stuff, & am a wiz at socializing. I like spicy food, putting pepper on everything, cooking & creating weird things which usually turn out good.

I have been at the same job for 4 yrs; I am the asst to the SVP of Sales of my company, working with about 40 people under him. I also do secretarial work & attend fundraising events for the Friendly Sons of St. Patrick, a glee club located in Cincinnati, as a 2nd job.

I have had a weird year so far, on a personal note. Started 2005 in the hospital w/ Pnuemonia, never had it before and it hit me like a Mack truck. Then my daughter had to have surgery on her heart and we have to wait and see how things are going as she ages. And then my eldest cat, Snickers, became very ill. What a year it's been health-wise for all of us.

But St. Patrick's Day is coming up & that's something to smile about!

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My name is Stacey. I just turned 31 and have never been married. I live in a suburb of Sacramento and have lived in this area all my life. I'm currently living on my Grandparents property (in a separate house) due to being out of work because of a back injury.

I have 5 cats. Actually only Princess and Patsy are completely mine. George was a stray that adopted us and Sweetie and Blackie are former ferals that I've socialized since I moved here and are now part of the family. I seem to attract all needy animals. I guess they know it doesn't take much work on their part to get me trained.
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My name is Barbara Woodcox and I'm 42 years old. I'm going to be a great aunt in May, which makes me feel old but joyous. I majored in Slavic languages in college but somehow wound up in the insurance biz.

I joined TCS after rescuing a stray kitty that was meowing outside my door. Knowing nothing about cats, I needed a place to find answers. Not only can I find answers here, but I also meet a lot of really nice people. TCS rules! You can see pictures of my Angel from this link

My screen name is consumercity because that's the name of one of my websites. My interests include web design, consumer activism, cooking, and (since Jan 5, 2005) cats.
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Originally Posted by LastajiaNguyen
Oh about me..

Well my name is Lastajia, though most people just call me Lacey. I am 19(20 in May) I go to school here in South Dakota as a junior, majoring in Psychology. I work in a Behavoral health Center, and love it. Let's see, I am dating a wonderful guy, and have been off and on since I was 13, and we recently found out that I am going to be having a baby(due date is Sept. 18.)

I am owned and operated by my 2 dogs, Buster and Romeo, and by my 3 cats Tinkerbelle, Rhiannon, and Zeha.
I foster dogs from Puppy Mills, and resocialize them for new homes, as well as other abused and neglected animals.
Psych major here too
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Hi Amy nice to meet you!!!
I plan to work at the BHC that I work at now,only advancing. I love to work with teenagers who have had rough lives, or rough illnesses that they must deal with. I love my job, and enjoy getting to watch people turn their lives around daily.

Hi Bobbie nice to meet you!!!
It sounds like you have had a rough time, and I hope that things are looking better. And you shocked me, 22 years is a long time, what grade do you teach?

Hi Rigel nice to meet you!!!
Milky sure is a darling, and I always enjoy seeing pictures of him. I would never of guessed from the forums I see you in that you are learning English as your second language. So you are doing a good job.

Hi Brandon nice to meet you!!!
I also have horses, big fat lazy ones.How many do you have?

Hi Stephanie nice to meet you!!!
I am also half Irish(half irish half asian), and am in love with the culture. " I am stubborn, strong willed & extremely hyper." is the perfect explaination of me. I hope all goes well with your daughter, and that the future doesn't bring more health problems.

Hi Stacey nice to meet you!!!
You attract needy animals too? I thought that was just me, but they always seem to find me when they need me. Feels good to help though, right?

Hi Barbara nice to meet you!!!
Are you a Vegetarian or Vegan? I am Vegan, it would be nice to meet another Vegan, I know very very few!
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Hello!! My name is Stevie. I am 21. I have lived on my own since I was 15. I am a junior at Sam Houston State University and an 'A' student. I am a psych major also, I am going to be a school psychologist. I have been with Tony, my boyfriend for over 4 yrs now. We have lived together for more than three of those years. I experience alot of worldly prejudice because I am in an interracial relationship. People ask me why often, and I dont know. I just dont care about people's skin tone. Anyway, we are not getting married until I am finished with school. I just quit 2 jobs, I worked at Sonic and at JCPenney, I was working about 60 hrs a week + school and was pooped. I have went from one extreme to the other,lol, I'm unemployed now. My cat Conner is my baby. I love him with all my heart. I love to read, dance, and swim. I am extremely headstrong, sometimes bossy, and all the times argumentative,lol. I am softhearted and romantic. I love learning new things. I couldnt carry a tune in a bucket to save my life. Well that's me!! I tried to go into alot of detail, sorry it's so long. I think the people on TCS are some of the greatest people. You are all so supportive and honest. I love you all!!! BTW,,Here is a pic of me and my BF this past Halloween, we were greek Gods and Goddesses, although I just look like a golden lady liberty,,lol. Nice to meet you all, formally.

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I'm Jeff, 41 and live in my two cat's house. I'm a master gardener, junk food addict, CSI addict. Whoops gotta go Schwans man is here
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Nice to meet you Stevie.(conner is adorable!!!) anyways..I to am in a "interracial" relationship. I am Asian, and my boyfriend is very white.My mother is Asian and my father is Asian/white/indian/ So even though I come from a family of multi races...they are still slightly racist. All of my sisters and brothers have married Asian and have settled roots as "Asian" families, and they all look at me like I am disappointment because I am with someone whom doesn't share my culture(or religion ) but I am not worried about it, "In the dark we all look the same, don't let your eyes fool you."

Jeff, nice to meet you..yeah I love soy ice cream from Schwans.
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I am, obviously, Deb. I have been at this site for 4 years, since there were only about 200 members. I serve TCS as one of the administrators and a moderator.

In my daytime life, I have been in Education for the better part of 20 years. Currently I am an assistant principal in an elementary school. I have 2 children of my own.

I am a native of NY and NJ, but I make my home in Florida these days.

If you are interested in the new role you are about to take on as a parent, check out the brand new forums that Anne, the TCS owner, and I are starting up.
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I am Mary Anne, I work on this website as marketing director and editor and also another one with Anne *the webmaster here* In the meantime I rescue abused and abandoned ferals and strays and I am a free-lance writer. I write content for websites as well as pet-related articles. I have been here for four years as well. I am currently working on a book about feral cat care-
I live on four acres in rural oregon with my hubby who is retired and now builds custom knives.
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Thank you Deb and nice to meet you, that page is loading as I am typing this.
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My name is Barb, Slave to Twig, Isis , Rocket, Luna and My husband Brad! LOL! and I wouldn't trade a minute of it for anything!!!!!
Seriously, have the four cats, Twig who rekindled my cat passion, Brad gave him to me when he was a baby,( Brad got him from his cousins farm) Rocket is a purebred Abyssinian who found us at a cat show one day, he crawled on me nuzzled under my chin and I was hooked and he was mine!!! Isis and Luna were both ferals I brought inside after feeding them for awhile outside and worrying endlessly about them since we live right in front of a fairly busy road.
Anyway, I work in a restaurant as an asst manager, and have been there for 15 years. I've been married to my second husband (Brad) almost a year now(dated for 10 years). He is my life and is the sweetest man in the world!
We have 6 fish tanks in both fresh water and salt water. I collect unicorns, and of course cats.
I came to the catsite a long time ago and I enjoyed the people and the conversations so much I never left. It's like my second home. Most of my time lately is either spent working or trying to fix up our house so I am usually not on here as much as I want to be. But I try to get on as much as I can...
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Originally Posted by LastajiaNguyen
Hi Brandon nice to meet you!!!
I also have horses, big fat lazy ones.How many do you have?
We have 2 thouroughbreds<sp?>. A mare and a gelding... we also had a quarter horse for a little bit, but we gave him away.

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My name is Diane, I live in a small town in Virginia. I just bought my house and I own 8.06 acres...most of its wooded, and a pond sits in the middle of it. I am married to my high school sweetheart, who is also my best friend.
I have a siberian husky named Bjourne, which is a rescue from a West Virginia shelter where he was going to be put to sleep. He is a huge Mama's Boy!!!
I have three cats: Samantha, Smudge, and Little Miss. Little Miss just had 3 kittens, but we havent named them yet. I am waiting until I see a little more personality. Right now they are too young.
I have three fish: 2 betas, Barnaby and Jones, and 1 pink kissing gourami, that I named Ecstasy.
I am an accountant for a small subcontracting company. I am going to school, although not this semester, and I am studying professional writing.
My husband works as a mechanic for the Department of Defense and he is actively in school.
I have one sister, and three brothers: Jennifer, Larry, Timothy and Charlie. I am about to have a sister-in-law, Erica.

Its nice to meet all of you, and congratualtions on your baby!!! I am sure you are ecstatic!!!
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Originally Posted by LastajiaNguyen
Hi Barbara nice to meet you!!!
Are you a Vegetarian or Vegan? I am Vegan, it would be nice to meet another Vegan, I know very very few!
I'm a vegan. I'm also half Irish. Happy St. Patrick's Day! Nice to meet you Lastajia!!!
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Hi, ya'll
Well, let's see. I am soon to be 36 years old and have been married to a wonderful, albeit sometimes maddening man for nearly 12 years. We live in rural southcentral Mississippi on two acres of land in a doublewide trailer (you might be a redneck We are owned by four dogs and five cats and we are currently fostering three other cats, so right now we have cats like other people have roaches or something (not that I don't love them all and would walk on hot coals for them).
I like pickup trucks and gardening and I try to do what I can to further the cause of unwanted pets, but it is hard going on a less-than-a-shoestring budget and in a rural place (with all the problems that that implies).
I love rock music and books, and I work at my local newspaper as a composing clerk. It's funny the things that you hear when you work at the paper and sometimes the small-mindedness and trivia of a small town is just SO aggravating. But it can be very amusing, too.
It is really groovy to meet you all and I hope for a long and happy relationship with you all.
Peace, brothers and sisters.
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