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Sophie has to lose weight!.

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Well i've just got back from the vets after Sophies 6 month post spay check up.

She rolled all over the table on her back showing off to the vet and giving her head butts

The vet checked her eyes, ears, teeth, and felt around and asked if there was anything i needed to know, then the dreaded weigh in came

She weighs 10lb!!!!!!!!!!!! Lord knows what Rosie weighs but i'd say a couple of lb extra!.

So the vet said Sophie needs to lose a couple of lb.

I feed them a good quality dry kibble so she said theres no need to give them the wet food, but i said they only get a tiny amount, but the vet said they'll get used to it.

I've also come away with a huge bag of Hills Prescription t/d kibbles that they gave me free which are specially formulated to keep their teeth in good condition, along with some paste for their teeth to breakdown any enzymes on their gums.

Anyone heard of these or is it necessary?!.

So Cathi were joining you and Mittens in the diet because they both go back in June for their boosters and they get weighed then as well
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I'm glad your trip went so well, Susan and Sophie!Well, girls, sounds as if it's time for a diet! You can all three do Weight Watchers together! I still feel that wet food would be a great idea instead of the dry and will send you info regarding this as we have discussed. Scheduled meal times are definately a must, no more free feeding, ladies.I know you will handle this wonderfully, Susan, and after their very gradual weightloss, Rosie and Sophie will be in tip-top shape!
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Oh Susan!! Poor Sophie! I must say, though...your post gave me quite a chuckle. My boys are getting "snipped" on the 22nd, and I just KNOW that they are going to say something about Riley...he is such a porker. He doesn't look fat, he is just big...I weighed him on our home scale 2 weeks ago and he was 6.5 lbs! But he is a big boy...he's got HUGE feet
So I am sure I will get the same talk when I bring them in...I hope the girls take to their new diet!
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Thanks Stephanie!, i honestly didn't know the disadvantages with dry

Sarah i knew Sophie was getting a little round but i never expected that
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I dread taking Paige in to the vet, because there's no way she should be so heavy... but there it is.. as a result they've been on diets, but they've hit a plateau.. I think I need to reduce the ration, maybe. any suggestions? With the quality of the dry food i buy them, I don't think it's any more expensive to feed wet or dry so I'm open to feeding them 1 small portion of dry, and 1 of wet every day if you all think it's better? I've noticed though that Molly won't usually eat her whole can for a serving as suggested by the wet food's container.. How much of each in a mixed diet is right per cat?
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Denise Stephanie's sending me some info on the advantages of wet food only because she pointed out something i never really thought about before!.

If we eat crisps etc...that stick to your teeth we can brush our teeth, where as cats can't with the dry kibbles.

I'll be interested to read this because i always was led to believe they needed some dry?!.
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I just recently read an article on a German cat forum written by a vet who said that dry food was, in her experience, more likely to lead to overweight cats and dogs than canned food. She suggested all canned, or half and half. I think free feeding dry to (potentially) chubby furbabies is a "no no" - I know I can't do it with Jamie, and that our neighbor's cat looked like a barrel when she was fed that way.
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I'm going to have to stop the free feeding as well. I cut down with the treats months ago.

Theres no way Rosie will entertain a toothbrush either!!.

It's a good job their active because can you imagine if they were lazy cats?!.
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Now Tiggy weighs 11, and Trixie and Petals both weigh 10 and my vet isn't concerned.......hummmmmmmm
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I'm not sure which articles Stephanie is sending, the main one I usually share is just a vet's view on why canned food does *not* lead to increased dental issues, as has been commonly believed.

There is a higher carb count I believe in most dry cat foods...the difference between the diet dry and regular is usually that the diet has less fat and far more fiber. Cats are truly designed for meat/protein...they are obligate carnivores and lack the needed enyzmes to do certain conversions, ie. they can not convert linoleic acid to a precursor of arachidonic acid, and arachidonic acid is an essential fatty acid that cats need, it must be present in their diet (as must linoleic, they need both).

I am coming to believe the best diet is either a properly composed homemade, or a quality canned that does NOT use a lot of fillers or unnecessary ingredients (that are more for human appeal than for the feline nutrition).

Increasing exercise, scheduled feeding versus free feeding, and a quality canned (or the best diet dry you can find - Innova Lite is good) would be my suggestions.
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Originally Posted by kittylover4ever
Now Tiggy weighs 11, and Trixie and Petals both weigh 10 and my vet isn't concerned.......hummmmmmmm
The vet isn't really concerned at the moment, but she's thinking if their podgey now at a young age, when their older it can start to affect their joints etc...which i suppose she has a point.
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More exercise for the pair of them!!
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Turn your music up loud Chick and get them to shake thier frames with you!!
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I'm sitting here shaking this cat dancer like it's never been shook before!

That's the thing i love about it, theres no effort needed in my part!
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I remember when we took Megan in at age 6 mos and I think she weighed 9 lbs them. Good 'ole vet told me she needs to stay there forewarning me that I have a tendency to overfeed them. I let everyone but George freely graze - now Mama and Lizbeth are both overweight. McKenzie is underweight and Megan is juuustttt right. I give up. It's so hard when you have a multiple cat household. Sophie doesn't look pudgy to me
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Hey yo, Sophie! DOn't forget you can come vent about your die-et at my thread in Paws and Reflect "Help, My Meowmy is Trying to Starve Me!" Jasper T.
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Chris the only way i can tell is when she's sitting and you can see the roundness on her. When i first brought Sophie home at 6 weeks she was a lot longer than what Rosie was at that age.

I'll be there Aunty Jan!
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Originally Posted by rosiemac
I'm sitting here shaking this cat dancer like it's never been shook before!

That's the thing i love about it, theres no effort needed in my part!

I also highly recommend the laser pointer. Cats go absolutely bonkers over it, and it requires even less effort on your part!
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Of course!, i have one of those as well and Sophie hasn't even experienced it yet!!!!.

You clever thing for reminding me about the laser pen!, thanks
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Sophie doesn't look overweight to me!

My girls get wet food twice a day AND they can graze during the day on kibbles. I guess this may lead to weight problems but so far they seem fine. I just hate to think of the girls hungry while I'm at work. I'm a grazer as far as eating goes so I would be really upset, myself, if I could not have little snacks throughout the day!
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Colleen the vet wasn't really worried, she was just pointing out to me how young she is and she's a couple of lb overweight already

I'm the same though, i have to leave them something to nibble on when i'm at work, i'll just have to reduce it though
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Originally Posted by jcat
I just recently read an article on a German cat forum written by a vet who said that dry food was, in her experience, more likely to lead to overweight cats and dogs than canned food.
Maybe this has something to do with the recommended amounts on the packet of food. When I first got my two, I had never fed all-dry before, but I was told that Milly would only eat dry, so I gave her the amount recommended for her weight on the packet. Well, she ballooned! I think she's what's known as a good do-er. So I cut down the amount, gradually, and she has now settled at a reasonable weight. We were at the vet's only a few weeks ago for their check-up, and he said she was OK at the moment ("but I wouldn't want to see her any bigger" he said). She actually eats about two-thirds of the recommended amount. I said that to the vet, who said that was not unusual in his experience.
Good luck with your diet Sophie!!

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Sue that night i looked at what both of them "should" be eating and it's a lot less than what i give them now thats for sure

So i'm measuring it out now into a small cup so i know the approx amount they should be having everytime.

Thanks for all your help everyone
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Hi, Susan, I was just reading this in one of Sierra's health support groups, and thought it states well the advantages of wet over dry food as we have been discussing. Just thought you may be interested in reading it.

"I'd STRONGLY suggest, ditching dry food
altogether if you're
feeding it. Many of us are very persuaded by the notion of thinking
about what kind of diet
is most species-appropriate and the kind of thing that good old Mother
Nature intended cats
to eat. Being that diet is the brick-and-mortar of health, you can go
a long way to helping
your cat by getting him/her OFF of kibble.

What's wrong with dry food? Well the bad news is that it is really
nothing more than meat-
flavored and grain-packed cereal. Why is this less than ideal?
Because cats, as carnivores,
were meant to get their entire nutrition from the consumption of other
animals, not from
grains. They should have few or, ideally, NO grains in their diet.
Aside from being
inappropriate for a cat's metabolism and digestive system, dry food is
one of the biggest,
single contributors to dental problems (despite claims to the contrary)
as it creates a sticky,
gummy mess in their mouths. I know of what I speak here?only since
COMPLETELY off the dry stuff have my IBD cat's chronic troubles with
gingivitis and tartar
buildup begun to conspicuously subside.

There is also a problem with dry food being a terribly 'unnatural' kind
of food for any cat (or
dog for that matter) in the sense that cats were meant to get their
moisture WITH their food.
Dry food has to get hydrated in the stomach, forcing cats to drink
more, putting additional
strain on kidneys, etc. Aside from being made from HIGHLY questionable
sources," kibble is usually full of additives, preservatives, and other
chemicals that really
don't have a place in the ideal cat diet.

Aside from aggravating IBD and possibly straining the kidneys by
putting a cat in a chronic
state of dehydration, dry food can be a strong contributor to feline
urinary tract disorders
given that?unlike more natural diets (those that closely mimic what
kitty would eat in the
wild) which naturally maintain the system at the proper acid
levels?keeps the system very
alkaline and can trigger urinary problems for cats prone to them. The
"acidifiers" that some
companies are now adding to their foods to "correct" this problem (a
problem they created in
the first place!), can interfere with calcium absorption. What a
roller-coaster, eh?

If using a commercial canned food (again, my opinion here) I'd suggest
staying away from
the so-called "Prescription" diets that more often than not do little
or nothing, are packed
with grains, and full of those nasty preservatives, and are made from
low QUALITY proteins.
At the higher end of the spectrum in the canned food category there are
things like Wysong
canned meats plus their Call of the Wild supplement or their Wysong
Archetype food , Azmira, Innova, Felidae, PetGuard's Next to
Nature line of foods, etc. "
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Oh Susan, poor Sophie! I don't look at this board too often I'm afraid, so I am only just now seeing your post about your tuxedo needing to lose weight. Sending some ::::GET SKINNIER::: vibes your baby's way!!!
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oh wow! 10lb at 6 months! I think Marsh was about 5.6lb at time of neuter. Maybe your cats are just 'big' cats, you know? good luck!
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Sophies 12 months old not 6?
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