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hubby has just came home with Chocolate (I know how lucky am I.) But my question is , can my cats eat chocolate because I am shareing it out to the 4 of us and the two cats have turned up and smokey wants his share know.
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No chocolate for kitties...it is toxic to them!
I don't know why it is that way though.
I'm sure someome will answer with a more detailed reply than mine.
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thanks for tha answer I thought that I had read about dogs not aloud chocolate but didnt no about cats. Good thing Iam greedy and smokey only got a tiny nibble.
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It's a chemical called theobromine in the chocolate that poisons them. It shuts down their nervous and cardiovascular system.

I remember hearing somewhere that if a pet eats a small amount of a candy bar, it's nothing to get seriously panicked over, because of the way it's processed. Things like European chocolates and baking chocolates mean a call to the vet immediately, though, no matter how much was eaten.
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