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Ashley you poor darling. The only thing I can say to you is be brave, you have made the right decision. If my ex-husband and I had have been as honest and strong as you have been we would have ended our engagement and not be facing divorce now, seven years later. You have made the absolute right decision FOR THE MOMENT - and in doing so I believe you can salvage what would have been made unsalvageable had you taken it further and not been true to yourselves.

If, as you say, you are still very much in love, then I'm sure you will be able to work it out. The main reason I didn't end my engagement when I knew I should have was because I was ashamed and afraid of what my family and friends would think - so I know exactly what you're going through in that regard. But if they love you, and I'm absolutely sure they all adore you!, then they will understand and be much happier that you are doing the mature and right thing.

Big, big hugs, lots of squeezes and hang right in there. If you want to talk more you can pm me.
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I am sorry to hear this, like what other says, you guys are still young, making mistakes. Relationships are like that, there is up and downs. I was to the point that I want to end my relationship cause I am tired of everything. We talked and tried to fix the problem and realize our mistakes. A good communication will help the problem. Hope everything goes well Ash.
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Originally Posted by ash_bct
Rigel Elizabeth is right! Our world could use so many more people like you! Thank you for all of your support! It means the world to me! You put your heart into every word you speak no matter if it is to show me your support or just show us pictures of Milky. That makes you so very special and because of that I see how much I am cared for here. THANK YOU
Awwwww Dear Ashley, I´m sure, all here in the Forum think equal, that`s why we can " smell " the peace like say Eddie here! hope can I make something more but I repeat you, my ears at your orders to listen to you my thougths with you!
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Ashley, I'm in tears. I'm so sorry. You must be in so much pain, and I don't want to imagine what you must be going through. It just feels like life can not possibly go on....

Oh Ash...

I'm here for you, always. PM me if you want to talk.
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