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Fight with a Plastic Bag

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I just had a 'moment' with Persil. I was sitting here working, when she came and stuck her nose into my waste bin, which I had lined with a supermarket bag (silly me). It was almost full with papers, chocolate wrappers, apple cores etc as the cleaning lady comes today. Anyway, the next thing I knew Persil had knocked the bin over and somehow got the bag handle round her neck. She fled out of the room and down two flights of stairs, shedding rubbish as she went. I went after her, and found most of the bag at the bottom, but no sign of her. It took me ten minutes to find her, and another few to catch her, as she had part of the bag still around her middle and was scared. When I got her the plastic remains were like a tight belt. It was funny, but I am never going to use handled bags again for bins - I am so thankful I was here when it happened.
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Poor Persil! But you shouldn't have been so nosy!!

Tibby has done that aswell, and he managed to pull over two chairs en route! I now snip the handles if I am using plastic bags or they are accessible on the floor for any period of time!

It does make you laugh a bit though, doesn't it?!
They would laugh at us if we did it!
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Wow, Jenny, it's so wonderful you were there to save Persil! That could have turned into a very scary situation. I use plastic grocery bags for scooping Sierra's litter box, and always keep them secured in a drawer closed in the closet for this very reason. It's also a good idea to cut the handles off paper bags used as toys. Thank you so much for sharing this with us, may this be a perfect reminder for us all!
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Persil, you silly kitty!
Jenny, to tell you the truth, when I picture it, it's sort of hilarious.
But thanks for sharing. I also line my garbage bins with bags and I didn't really think those handles were dangerous. Now I know!
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sorry but I had to laugh as well. glad that you pointed out the danger though and I will cut the handles of the plastic bags that I use in my computer table bin.
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when we come home from shopping teufel loves to play in the plastic bags. then when im done putting everything away i collect them all and put them away and give him a different bag where i know he wont hurt him self!
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Glad you were there to catch her. This happened to George a few years ago at Christmas. I was getting stuff out of bags at Christmas to wrap and he got into one of those huge bags. It chased him of course since he stuck his head through the handle. He urinated all the way down the hall as he tried to get away from it. He's scared to death of the sound they make to this day. I always make sure they are picked up.
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Daisy likes going through the bins, and I have to be very careful if I'm sewing, to put any offcuts of cotton thread into a box or bag before putting them in the bin, or she will steal them. I am terrified of her getting some of it tangled in her innards. She did get a piece of thread recently, as I found it hanging out of her bottom, we were so lucky that she passed it through, so now I am doubly, no ,triply careful!!

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Freija has done the same - and she panicked big time as well. She had the bag around her neck! I hate to think what would have happened if I hadn't been there, as well. I make triple sure now never to leave anything with 'handles' around that can slip over a cat's head and also snip bag handles. I make sure my purse straps are tucked underneath as well.

It pays to be vigilant - the night before his neuter, Lion stuck his head into the empty vapourizer base that was on the counter and got stuck. He tried to back out and fell off of the counter with this plastic container - with water in it still - onto the floor and was banging around hitting it against the fridge and the counter. It took a bit to get it off of him - poor, wet, frightened little kitty - and get him calmed down and dried off. I now make sure I don't leave things like that around either!

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My roomies cat Coco has done that before. We weren't even sure where the bag came from but one day he just came tearing into the living room with a bag around his neck. He ran into my room, then straight back into Tiff's room (our rooms are directly across from each other with the living room in the middle) and did that for a while as we tried to catch him. You can't help but laugh, but it is a bit scary!
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I cut the handles off the plastic shopping bags and rip the handles off the paper ones for just his reason. I had Ripley one year take off through the house trapped in a plastic shopping bag handle. By the time I caught her, she was so terrified she had peed all over herself. After that, the handles come off
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snipping the handles is a great tip!
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You have all told of your kitties being scared - my Nytro does it on purpose. He takes his toys, drops them into the opening of the plastic bag, pokes his head through the strap and takes his toys for a ride around the house. Of course we are right behind trying to catch him and he thinks this is a fun game. So far he hasn't hurt himself but just reading all of this I think I may start cutting the handles and see the look on his face when he tries to take off with his toys. Laurey
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