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Here They Are!!!!

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I have some teasers....I'll get better ones once they are settled

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Oh my goodness! What sweet little babies!

Matt, once again, I have to say these babies and mamma are so incredibly lucky that they are in your home. They couldn't ask for any better.
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Kiwi and her babies are so cute!
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I think I may have 4 spoken for already =( Kinda sad...
But, that's a good thing!
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Matt! What LOVELY babies!!! Can't wait to watch their progress!
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I am so happy to see mom and babies doing well! I can't wait to see more pictures!
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Oh that calico is stealing my heart!
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There are actually 2 calico kittens hissy....the other is at the bottom of the pile
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Congrats & big hugs and belly rubs to mom & babies from Mischka and Linx!!!
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How adorable!
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i love babies!! gosh im so jealous!
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Now I see where all those colors come from (Mom) They are a lovely bunch. I can't wait to see more pics
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Oh my goodness. How sweet. I love baby pictures.

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Oh good grief their gorgeous

That looks like Rosie in there
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Oh I agree with Chris.....beautiful colors.....I want them all!!!
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Congrats, Kiwi and Matt! How does it feel to be a grandpa, Matt? Jasper is waiting for his catnip cigar.
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:love2: Thay are all so wonderfully gorgeous! :love2:

I agree with Susan, one does look like Rosie!
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Could there be any more love in your home? Thank you for posting those great pics of Kiwi and her sweet babies- what great images to start our day!!!
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Awww, they're so precious! Kiwi certainly looks like a happy mummy! Can't wait for more pics!
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Awww, thanks for sharing those cute pictures!
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Aww look at the little darlings!!

(I have a heart for torties, lol) They're lovely!!!!
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They are SO cute! I'm looking forward to more pics.
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What beautiful kitties!
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OMG how precious!!! Aren't brand new kittens just about the sweetest thing in the whole world???
They are adorable!!! I wanna kitten-nap them all!!
Congrats on a gorgeous litter!!!
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Thanks for sharing their pictures! They're all so beautiful, and so is Mumcat Kiwi! I wish I could take home a tuxedo! I love tuxedos!!
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Awww!!!The babies are just adorable and mama looks so content!! Here's some for mama and those sweet little babies!
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Awwwwwwwwwwwwww there so cute thanks for sharing
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Congratulations, the babies are so adorable.
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