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Hi new member here

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Hi there, My name is Chee, i am new to this site so i thought that me and my little fuzzy pal "Breeze" would stop by and say hello to you all.We live in montreal, Quebec, though i am originally from much further away (New Zealand). we look forward to chatting you.
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Welcome - Welcome. You will find that you'll love it here. :rainbow: :daisy: :angel4: :daisy: :daisy: :daisy:
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Hi Chee! Welcome to the catsite! :tounge2:
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Look forward to hearing more about you and Breeze...but beware... after you've been here awhile you may very likely find yourself owned by a few more kitties!
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It will be fun swapping tails (hehe) with you.
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Hi Chee!!
Welcome to The Cat Site!! I hope you enjoy it here as much as we do!!
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Hi Chee! A big welcome to you and Breeze! Glad you have joined us!
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Hi Chee and to Breeze Nice to see you've joined us. Happy posting to you

Love & Peace,
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Hi Chee!! Welcome to you and Breeze!! I just took a sneaky peek at your profile and saw that you like cross-stitch, well yipee so do I!! ha ha ha ha...nice to meet you and hope to see you posting lots!! (Im here all day everyday....yes, Im well and truly addicted!! ha ha....)
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Thank you all so much for the lovely welcome, Breeze and i are goign to really enjoy it here. She is always on my knee or on her own chair right nest to me when ever i am on the computer, so she gets to have her say too.

I am sure you are right Cleo about the "more kitties" i am sure that if we had a bigger place now there would be more allready. I guess when you live in town though the amount of cats has to be directly proportional to the size of the house ;->

And Yes Bodlover, i am a mad stitcher, i got quite addicted the first winter i spent over here in Montreal, in New Zealand there is no such thing as being stuck inside for months on end, so it was a new challenge for me. I would love to talk to you about that too. No dount (like me) cats feature highly in your stitching?

Anyway, thanks to each of you who took the time tosend me a welcome, it is really lovely, and i would love to talk to you all, either here or please feel free to e-mail me too, i might not make it here each day, but i check my e-mail very often

Thank you again
Chee & Breeze
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To Breeze and Chee; We hope you will be; Very Happy in our Cat Site Family. . . . Welcome
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Chee - Of course they feature in my stitching!! ha ha ha - actually, they kinda feature in everything!!! I make cross stitch cards and have a wide selection of kitty ones!! heh heh...!! Hope to see you around!!! Oooo, got any pics of you/breeze/your stitching to show us?!!! I just bought a HUGE Miribella (sp?!)chart and kit, but its soooo gorgeous Im too scared to start it!!
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