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Strange bump under my cats chin!

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Hello everyone. My name is Laura and I have 2 cats. One of my cats has recently, well for the last couple of months atleast, developed a big bump under his chin. He had kitty acne when he was younger that consisted of the black dirt like substance under his chin that cleared up. This new bump is a single bump that has gotten bigger over the course of the last couple of months. Has anyone experienced this with there cat or even heard of anything like it. It feels pretty hard and definetly makes him uncomfortable when we touch it. Any type of feedback would be very much appreciated as we are very close to taking him into the vet. Would like to hear peoples thoughts on it before we go and drop the money that we dont have. Thanks in advance.

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I think he needs the vet quickly. I lost a cat to cancer that started as a hard lump under the chin. But it could also be a cyst and will need removal. If he is uncomfortable when you touch it, it probably hurts him at other times, only he doesn't show it. Please, as soon as you can, take him to a vet.
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I have had a cat with a cyst on his neck for many years now. It hasn't changed in shape or size since the vet saw it so I don't worry about it. I would have him to the vet immediately if it changed in size or color.

I just think of all the warnings that people are given about getting to a doctor if you have a lump or spot that changes size or color. I have to vote to have a biopsy done on the lump. Even if you aren't going to do any radical about it, at least you know what you are up against.
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