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caught kitten peeing in the closet!!!

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AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! what to i do?!?! i got home from work and the kitten Mittens followed me into my bedroom so i could change and she went in the closet and i heard that dreded noise of peeing on carpet!!! i looked and she was squatting and peeing!! i yelled" No Kitty!!" and grabbed her and took her over to the litter box and put her in it. then i went back and saw that sometime in the last day or two she had pooped in there as well!! WHAT DO I DO?!?! i put her in the bathroom until i cleaned it up and she was crying and crying and i was so mad at her!! i shut the door to my bedroom and moved the litter box into the hallway. i let her out and now she is running aroud cooing like normal. i went to check on a noise i just heard and i see her ears peeking out of the litter box and i walked up the stairs to see if she was going and she jumped out and scared the #@$% out of me!! GAAAAAHHHHH!!! and i just HAD to have another cat!!
my other cat Kali has never done anything outside her litter box she is such a great cat so this is all new for me. i want to cry!! im afraid Mittens will start doing this all over now. HELP!!!!
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If she is just a kitten she may not be able to hold it long enough to get to the litter pan, so therefore you get more litter pans for her until she learns. Please next time she is in the midst of peeing out of the box don't get mad at her, don't grab her up and stick her in the litter pan because all that does is cause problems. Keep a box of chux or puppy pee pads nearby and slide it under her, but don't scare her and make her interrrupt her normal functions. It might cause her to block and stop peeing at all.

Make sure that you get a good product to help break down the urine and that you get it all up, or she will follow the scent and pee again in the same spot in a few days-

Odor Destroyer
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stay calm! always keep special cleaners handy. Not the end of the world and dont lose sleep wondering if kitty is takin a whiz on the carpet. Cats are animals, heck I recall my little brother peeing on the sofa once. he he

Here is a link to a interesting page on the topic ( cats peeing not brothers )

cats and litterboxes
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Aw please don't get mad at her. You received some great advice from Mary Anne. Good luck!
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I have to say as well about not getting mad at her. She's only a kitten after all and still learning
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When Daisy was a kitten, I had to do some work in the room where the litter box is, and she couldn't get in for about an hour. Well, she just couldn't wait and pooped on the carpet upstairs. I wasn't cross with her, because I knew it was my fault, but Milly was really angry and swatted her round the house for a couple of hours. They hadn't been with us long, and I was picturing in my mind what Milly was telling Daisy: "Now look here, you good-for-nothing brat! We've only just got into this comfy house, and you have to go and do that! Do you want us to get sent back to the cats' home? Take that! And that!" Poor Daisy, she had to have a lot of comforting that day!

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Originally Posted by Javern
Cats are animals, heck I recall my little brother peeing on the sofa once. he he

my little brother peed EVERYWHERE when he was little. he even peed on me a couple of times. i have found that cats are infinitly easier to toilet train than people as the burying act is instinctive.

you might have a few glitches but you'll get there in the end. good luck
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thank you all for your replies.
i calmed down afte a few minutes and after typing my post out i started to cry. i was just tired and had a rough day. Mittens came up and started licking tears off my cheek i felt bad for getting angry and i got a second litter box and got the mess cleaned up and the stink out. havent had any trouble since (that ive witnessed)
right now she is laying on my chest nursing on my chin
i will have to make sure i read these forums alot. there is alot of advice to get and im learning that every cat is different!! kali spoiled me though by being such an awesome cat!!
thanks everyone!! i will give Mittens extra hugs and i will remember she is a baby after all...accidents will most likeyl happen again. although i hope not!!
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Good to hear that you listened to the veteran kitty owners on the site. I always buy those small aluminum disposable pans for extra litter pans for kittens. You can set those around all over the house until the kitty learns where the big pans are. Then slowly just remove them from the rooms over time.

Kitties are like energizer bunnies they keep going and going and going........
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Awwwww she may have sensed that you were upset as well because their very clever like that

She will get there don't worry
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