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Why Cats Are Better Than People...

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After reading Hissy's post about Duncan (Really cute name, considering) it just made me think of how much better cats are than a lot of people (Present company being the equal, of course). So, I thought I'd start this post and see what everyone came up with.

1. Cats never take you for granted.
2. Cats never lie about where they've been.
3. Cats can keep a secret (Except for where the cat treats are hidden.LOL).
4. Cats don't get mad if you leave your dirty underwear on the bedroom floor.
5. A Cats love is unconditional.
6. Cats won't betray you for another human.
7. Cats don't steal the covers in the middle of the night.
8. Cats don't torture humans for the pleasure of it.
9. Cats aren't at all sadistic.
10. Cats understand if your too tired to stay awake.
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Ummmmm, I was going to say a cat's love is unconditional, but then I saw you already included that one....okay here's some...

A cat will always sleep with you, even if he's a tad mad at you....(and of course you know what I mean!!)

A cat will never send you flowers on Valentines day and then say....oh just pretend they were from somebody else, because he is mad at you.

A cat will never complain about what is for supper

A cat will never hog the remote...lol

A cat will never look elsewhere for love and comfort.
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My favorite thing is that my cats will never tell me I am fat!!!
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If you are a good person a cat will accept you. If my cats won't go near you, I am uneasy that you are in my house and I watch you closely.

Cat's don't criticize you

They are great ankle warmers, and that is all they want when they sleep with you...*G*

They are a good judge of character and are quite the characters themselves..

They are great solace when you are sick

They demand so little and give so much
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Cats are better than people because:
they always meet you at the door, and they're always glad that you're home!
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