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Originally Posted by wodesorel
I can count on one hand the times I was spanked as a child. You know what? I'm the only person my age I know that wouldn't dream of talking back or disobeying my parents. And it's not because I fear them, it's because I respect them. Oh, and my grandfather was always the one called in to do it, too. (My mother and grandma asked him to.) I'm also the only person my age who still goes to their g-rents house to just hang out and watch tv, and talk.
I hope you mean the people your age that you know, not your age group in general.

I am just under a year older than you are and while I have never been spanked I respect my Mom more than anyone. I don't talk back, disobey, ect and frankly that is because she is a fair, kind woman, and if she thinks what I want to do/am doing I value her opinion.

I see my Grandfather weekly for dinner along with my cousin. We order our favorite take-out and listen to his MANY war stories, because we know how much he enjoys it.

Being spanked does not make you respect your parents. Many times it does cause fear.

I am glad you do respect your parents and that you see your Grandparents, but I cannot believe you are like that because you were spanked a couple of times. I am proof of that reasoning.

Some people may see the benifit in spanking, but all too often (at least here) people get off on what should be condisered abuse because it was "just a spank".

Children do not deserve to be hit, in any way or form, spanking IMO is just another way to hit a child.
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Spanking was used in my house only on specific occasions and was NOT the primary means of dicipline. The only times we were spanked was when our behaviour was DANGEROUS to ourselves. Otherwise, we would be first warned, then if the behaviour continued, punished (usually just a "i'm very disappointed in you" talk and a discussion on WHY the behaviour was unacceptable was plenty, but we would also lose privledges), then if we repeated the behaviour, the consequences were given again, maybe harsher (aka 1 week of no bike instead of the 3 days for the first offence) because we should have known better by that point. This worked very well. However, sometimes we would do things that required our parents to stop the behaviour IMMEDIATELY. They couldn't wait for it to be repeated to reinforce the lesson. This is when we were spanked. It happened to me a couple times, for example when I walked out (ok, tried to walk out, my dad was right beside me and grabbed me) into a BUSY road without looking (I was about 4). I got spanked, not hard at all, but also got a follow-up talk about the dangers of the road and why that behaviour wasn't cool. My little sister was also spanked only once, for trying to put her toys into the electrical outlet. On these occasions, the spank was very light....it barely hurt and certainly wouldn't leave even a red mark, let alone a bruise. The point of it was to get our attention RIGHT THEN so that the behaviour could be corrected, not to beat us for the mistake.
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I think private schools have the right to do what they want. atleast they didn't spank him. When I was in grade school public schools around here spanked kids and tht wasn't that long ago because I'm only 25. But really don't send your kids to a private school unless you want to go by their rules. I mean don't people realize that private schools spank? I thought everyone knew that.

And I think spanking is important and will be to my family but I understand that some people don't want to do that and I don't have a problem with that at all.
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