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Question about kitten food

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Ok, I have four kitties , two are 9 weeks old, one is nearly 6 months and one is 2 yrs. I have started feeding all the cats Iams,which they like. I do have one problem though. My Missy (9 weeks old) will eat the adult food instead of the kitten food. My Onyx, the 2 year old, will eat the Kitten food and not the Adult. I know the kittens need Kitten Food because of the extra proteins and stuff. I'm considering just buying the Kitten Formula and feeding it to all of them for simplicities sake, since 3 out of 4 of them like it better and the one who doesn't is needs to eat it regardless because shes so young. Anyways the point of all of this rambling is this: Will it harm Onyx to eat the Kitten Food even though hes and adult cat? There, I finally spit it out :tounge2:
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You could switch them all to kitten, however it WILL put weight on the older cat which may be hard to reverse later on. As well as trying to get them to eat the adult once all are old enough. It might be easiest if you mix the adult and kitten and then try to feed the younger ones a can of kitten wet food in another room until they are old enough to just eat the adult.
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I was under the impression wet food was not so good for their teeth. They have been getting a can a day (split between the two kittens) as well as the dry food.What is the best time of day to feed the wet food?Also, how long do they need to be on Kitten Food? I know the bag says up until one year of age, but is it necessary for that long? Do you say I should feed the wet food to the kittens as well as the dry food because if its mixed with the adult they won't be getting the proper nutrition? What about Loco, the 5 1/2 month old? Should he get wet kitten food too? He seems to prefer the adult food. Sorry so many questions! I want my babies to get what they need
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Well, the wet food is bad for the teeth if it is the primary source of food. When given all the time and it's the only thing they get, it sits on the teeth and rotts them.
As for the nutrition aspect. This is just my experience and oppinion only. They say they should eat kitten food until they are 1 year old. None of my cats have ever eaten kitten food past 6 months old. All of my cats are as healthy as can be. None had any growth or health problems. When they are little they need the extra calories and calcium.
If these were my cats, I would mix the adult/kitten food until they are all over 6 months old. I would feed the 6 month and 2yr old the dry only and then take the 2 babies into another room in the evening and let them have the kitten wet food. It will give them the xtra calories and calcium they need to grow.
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Thanks so much for your input! I value it immensely! I will definitely do as you suggested. It will cut down on a lot of problems and I'll be sure my kitties get the proper nutrition. Now I can go back to one dish instead of several spread all around my kitchen! :tounge2:
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LOL, I don't think it's going to be a problem. I have 11 cats and they have 2 bowls of dry food at all times. If you are going to mix the adult and kitten, I would just put down one bowl for all of them to share. If you free feed, they will just come over and eat when they are hungry. Just a little tid bit, the stainless steel bowls are less likely to cause feline acne down the road. Oh, and when I have to give my lil ones the wet food, I put it on a cheap paper plate so I can just toss it instead of having to wash the dish
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Yet another terrific idea Thanks Sandie
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