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Info needed on lymphoma

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Hi there.

I have just returned from the vets with my cat (an 8 year old male) who has had a lump removed from under his chin.
Apart from this one lump he has seemed happy enough and has displayed no signs of illness.
The lump was tested by the lab, and it now turns out that it is in fact Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma. The vet assures me that this is exceedingly rare in cats (the surgery has not encountered it before) and that now it has been excised the chance of re-emergence is remote. However, I was wondering if anyone had encountered this before in cats. I'm obviously eager to find out more.
I have to take him back in a month for another examination and would like to have a better idea of what we could be facing.

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My dog had lymphoma too. there really isn't much they can do. You can give pills to help them fight it. How effective it is depends on the animal. They gave Peables 6 months to live, she died 2 months after we found out. depending on where the lumps are can affect how they can handle the disease. Peables had a lump on her spinal cord, that made it hard for her to walk. Her glands closed her throat so she's could swallow very well.
I hope your kitty has a better out look then Peables did.
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Hi Orlok -
One of my cats had lymphoma, but it wasn't the kind you're describing.

The prognosis for your cat would seem to be good since the vet is telling you that the chances of recurrence are so slim. What about following up the surgery with chemo? Would that have any value for this type of cancer?

Since this is such a rare condition, it would be a good idea for you to try to do some research about it - maybe you will find some useful information. Vets don't always have all the answers!

My best wishes to you and your cat for a long, healthy life ahead!
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