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New Kitty in the house!

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Last week my old kittie JoJo passed away. He was nearly 17 years old. He had the best life any cat could ever have. On Saturday my vet called to tell me that she was looking for a home for a mother cat and she knew about JoJo. Anyway of course we went over and got her, but she is so scared of us. She was just neutered on Thursday and I'm sure she is still sore from that. I have her in our Rec Room with her food and litter but she is staying under the couch most of the time. I am trying to let her get use to us first before we introduce her to the girls.(Lilly and Gabby) Am I doing the right thing?
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Hi there! I'm sorry to hear about JoJo. My mom had a cat for 17 years as well who passed away a few years ago. Congratulations on your new kitty, have you named her yet? I think its pretty normal for kitties to be scared when they are first brought to a new home. We took in a stray once and she hid under the couch for over a week, coming out at night to eat and use the litter box. I guess they have to do it on their own terms What part of Nova Scotia are you from? I'm from the southwest area Good luck with your new Furbaby!
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I tip my hat to you for adopting this poor kitty. And, I give you much sympathy for you loss of JoJo. It hurts so very much to loose a loved furry member of the family.

Your new kitty sounds pretty traumatized. I think you are doing the right thing by leaving her in one room for now. Try sitting quietly on the floor in the room and leave kitty treats on the floor surrounding you. It might take a few days before she will come out, be very patient.

Once she has become comfortable around you it will be time to begin introductions. But do this sloooowly. Once you can pet her, try rubbing her with a towel, then rub your other kitties with the same towel and then rub new kitty again. Do this often so they can get used to each other's scents.
Then begin giving old cats treats at new cat's door. This way they are associating good things (treats) with the smell (and possibly sound) of new cat. Once the old cats don't seem too concerned about what is behind the door, it will be time to introduce the cats.

When you get ready for the face-to-face introductions let us know so we can give lots of hints on how to do this safely.

Good luck with your new kitty.
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Thanks for the advice. I will try the towel thing tonight. As for which part of NS, I am from Halifax. I had no idea there were others from NS on this site. I have read so many interesting things here. I love this site.
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Dear Kathy,

It's nice to hear when someone adopts an older, unwanted cat. All too often these cats are passed over for "cute, cuddly" kittens. When the kittens lose their "cuteness" they are thrown out like yesterdays trash and become the same thing, an older, unwanted cat.

Give her time to come out of her shell. Sit on the floor at her level with a can of treats and a wand teaser. Talk to her very gently and quietly, slowly blinking your eyes to let her know you're not going to hurt her. Once she feels comfortable, she'll come around. It's going to take patience. As far as introducing your other kitties, let them sniff each other through the door for a while. By the time the new cat is ready to come out, your other cats will already KNOW she's around. You can also try taking an old shirt and rubbing your cats down with it and putting in the room with the new cat so she gets their scent, and vice versa. Good luck.

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Just thought I would give you an update on my new kitty "Rose" We have been letting her get use to our voices and the noises of the house etc. This morning I went down to check on her (she's in the rec room) and she actually came out from under the couch. She ate some of her food while I talked to her and petted her. She is so nice I can hardly wait until she comes upstairs and is running around with the girls.
My vet is the best. She always takes in these unwanted babies and spends her time and money looking after them. She adopts out the kittens, but of course these poor mommy cats are the last to go. I have three of them now. If I were at home all day I would have 5 more. My two teenage boys gave me the name crazy cat lady. They say the criteria to qualify is 5 and I'm inching toward it.
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Sorry about the loss of JoJo. I'm glad you have something new to occupy some of your thoughts.

One thing my seventeen year old daughter swears by and it has seemed to work since all my cats are "in your face" cats is to hold them as much as you can. Put the new baby in your lap and even if Rose is resisting, gently force her to stay there and enjoy the petting. Do this often and before long it will be commonplace for her.

This has worked on some of the most untamed cats you have ever seen.

Good luck and have lotsa fun!
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