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Oh no, I have been these last few months trying to get the last kitty in the parking lot, Now as I am able to get real close it looks as though it may be pregrant I don't want it to have kittens, it's to young
This one has been tough, it will not even come out if you have a trap, carrier or whatever, I feel the need to try whatever I can if it means grabbing however I can, how late will the vet abort a cat? I am just sick here
I am hopeing with all my it's a real chubby boy, but I don't think it is, I feel so bad that I didn't get it with the other 10, I'm just sick..
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Help !!!! Did I put this in the wrong section?
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Vets can abort up until the day of delivery, not the best idea, and some vets won't do it that close, but it can be done. Maybe you could take her in and see what they can tell without putting her out.
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Originally Posted by halfpint
how late will the vet abort a cat?
It depends on your vet. Some won't do it at all, most won't do it is late in the pregnancy. You might want to read these: http://cats.about.com/cs/pregnancybi...nancybirth.htm
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i didn't even know that vets could do an abortion on a cat! i suggest googling it.
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Thanks all, I spoke to the vet now all I have to do is catch that baby, please keep your fingers crossed, I have been trying for several months to get this last one, and I still hope it's just a pudgy boy
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Originally Posted by little_pockit
i didn't even know that vets could do an abortion on a cat! i suggest googling it.

Yes, they just get spayed.
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I was told that with dogs and cats they can spay a female right up until the day they give birth. Some vets won't do it, but most animal charities and animal shelters will.

I know that most of the vets around here will wait and see if the kittens/puppies will survive on their own if they're fully formed and it's late in the pregnancy.

Also, if you don't want to know the details, make sure to tell them it ahead of time, and to really enforce it. A girl I work with got her Husky spayed after she had gotten pregnant. She went to a low cost clinic, and the vet told her how many puppies there had been without my friend even asking. I could tell that it really bothered her for a weeks.
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No I don't wanna know, but This baby is just that a baby herself, plus she's feral and I don't want to see her have babies she's to young, I have caught 10 others 6 out of those 10 were female so I figured I saved alot of babies from living miserably, I will get this one fixed, shots tested and all then find her a home, just as I have the others, its part of this group I have, she well I should said it, because I am not for sure it's a female but it's bulging alot, If I were a cat I'd have to say I used up about 8 of those lives trying to get this last 1, and it's been an amazing experince and a joy watching them, but it also has been the most overwelming thing I have ever taken on, there were 11 in the group and this is the last 1. and I am worn out out out emotionally. I just hope & Pray I can get it like now before it goes off and has them,,, Thanks
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The clinic I volunteer with spays every pregnant female that is brought in.

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Thanks Katie, That's what my vet told me also, made me fell somewhat better, I just pray I can catch it, it's been a toughie
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I do hope you get it. I have been following and I know how much effort you have put into it. Good luck.
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