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female cat urinating on bed.. help !

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Need help .. my female cat is urinating in our bed, only when we are in it, and so far only in the morning, cat box is always clean, and hubby is having a fit .. anyone have any ideas why she is doing, and what I can do to help her not do it ?
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is she using the box? it could be a Urinary Tract infection.. how longhas she been doing it? any recent changes to your life?
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First course of action is to get the cat to a vet to rule out a health problem.
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she has only done it twice .. and does use the cat box .. am wondering if it is just a territorial thing ?
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Vicket, my senior cat, pees on my bed any time she manages to get to it. Only my bed, no where else inappropriate ever. With her I swear it's a gesture to the other cats to do with "MY mummy". I read something once about cats choosing beds and sofas which have the strong scent of their owners- allying themselves with their owner. The only solution with her is that the bedroom is a cat free zone. I miss them in bed, but it's better than the alternative Hope you can get this sorted soon, it's not at all a fun problem to deal with.
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I would still get her into the vet to rule out a UTI or cystitis. My girl cat Willow would only occasionally pee outside of her litterbox, but it still ended up being because of a bladder problem. When you take her in, they will probably need to do a urinalysis, so make sure you don't take her in right after she pees.
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She is trying to tell you something, particularly if you are always in bed when she does it. The most obvious "something" is that she is ill and probably a UTI. They can't speak so their actions speak for them.

Rule out physical causes first and foremost. If she has a clean bill of health, then you have to start looking at behavioral triggers such as territory disputes, separation anxiety, etc. You rule each out one at a time.

If it is a UTI, they are often chronic, so definitely keep her on the medicine as long as the vet prescribes. You sometimes need to go back more than once to knock it out completely.

Good luck!
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