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Help! 2 Kittens!

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I had to help with the second, because it came so fast and she got confused, but my question is......does the need to nurse them immediately?
She gave them a little, now she is cleaning them, but hasn't nursed since.
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Don't worry too much about her nursing right now.....the most important thing is that she cleans them and their airways are clear so they are breathing good.

Congrats on your new arrivals! Be sure to keep us updated!
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Yes, she's done a great job cleaning them, she has since nursed them, and they are all cuddling right now.
She is having more contractions, and is still full....so she's not done yet.
Thanks Kitty!
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I'm so excited that the babies are finally coming! I bet you are a nervous wreck. I feel like a nervous "aunt".

As soon as you are able......post some pictures of the new babies and mom!
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I'm still waiting on the 3rd kitten, hasn't come yet.
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aww .. anything new to report? Also.. don't worry too much about the pause.. I've heard that cats can take up to 24 hours to give birth to their entire litter but still keep an eye out, cause 1 may block off the rest.
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Kitten 3 is here, now waiting for #4, she's contracting again.
She's going quick....i don't think it's been an hour yet, and there's 3
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Ok, we already have kitten 4
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Still more coming?
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not too sure
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Originally Posted by Kat_Boy
Ok, we already have kitten 4

Kiwi you're doing great!!

I'm so excited.....wish I was there to witness your miracle!
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Ok guys, I think we're done
4 kittens. 2 torties, 1 tuxedo, and one orange/beige
What a rainbow!
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Awww how sweet .. When can we start begging for pictures?
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soon, LOL....I just want to make sure she's settled, and doesn't want to move the kittens all over the place before I start snapping
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WOW! MATT! How exciting!!! Waiting with bated breath for pics of Mummy and her babies.
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They sound gorgeous, congratulations!
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Are you sure she's done? Feel her belly and see if you can feel anymore "lumps" or movement.

Gosh I would have thought she'd have more than 4 with the size of her belly!

I can't wait for pictures!!!!
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yayyyy!!!! Great job Mama and Matt!!!! That's great that you have such a colorful litter!!!
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YEAH!!!! but only 4? I wonder if she's taking a break. There's gotta be more in there! oh well 4 is a great number. Not too many to worry about.
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Ok....there are 5....she'ss been done for a while.
She keeps on moving this one kitten though.....and leaves all the othersin the kitty bed
what is she doing?
She moves it, and stays with it.....but doesn't move the other.
So....hopefully I am right
I tried putting it back with the others twice.....she took him back, so I put the kitty bed with the other kittens right beside it to see what happens
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She isn't paying any attention to them....just the one she keeps moving
I am really afraid she is rejecting them
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Congratulations on your new arrivals Matt - I hope they're all doing well. How's mum doing now - is she still with the kittens? or moving just one of them?

We once had a cat who was a first time mum - when the kittens were a couple of days old she kept moving them and hiding them under my son's bed. I don't know what use she thought he would be, he was only 9!!! Anyway, we kept bringing them down and she would growl at them. Don't know whether it was the right thing to do, but hubby put them in front of her and held her near them until she stopped growling. After the second time, she didn't try to hide them anymore.

I hope it's all going ok and you have no more worries with her. Looking forward to seeing pics when you can take them
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is the little one making noise of moving? has she nursed it? See if she will let it have a nipple?
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I can't believe there are only 5 based on the pics you posted before! I seriously thought there would at least be 7! I wish I could offer advice, but I have never been in your position. Please keep us posted on how they are doing.
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Everything is fine, she is with all of her babies, nursing and sleeping. No pics today, but soon enough I will post some.
They make the cutest noise when they want mum =)
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awwwww Matt - how marvellous what a wonderful day it has been for you - Kiwi has done a great job

looking forward to photos when you get the change - good job to you as well!!!
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Oh, excellent, Matt! I'm glad they are settling and doing well. Umm, Matt? You'll need to change your siggy now

Congratulations on your lovely little family!
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What'd the 5th one look like? Any more torties?
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Congratulation Matt and Kiwi!!! So glad to hear she's being a good mommy. She was probably just freaked out at the thought of 5 kittens!
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