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Dust magnet

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My boy Wawa, seems to attract dirt even if he's standing still! He's as white as QT. But QT is always "bright" and "sparkling" white.
I don't think he grooms himself enough. What can I do? Should I brush him everyday? Should I bathe him every week? I don't have problems bathing him but I'm worried he might catch cold from too much washing. Or even smell so different that my other cats might consider him an outsider.
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Well, it's good nobody could answer. I found out Wawa just loves his fur dusty. He rolls in the soil, on the concrete and sneaks under the furniture. He shakes himself a little and starts strutting around like the royalty he is!
I'm off to buy him a pet hairbrush.
Thanks anyway for listening.
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I have 4 black cats - two are perfectly groomed, one so-so. The long haired one? Well, he is a walking dust magnet.
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All of mine pick up dust, probably from the dungeon that is my basement.

I really like the Zoom Groom. All four of my cats go nuts when I brush them with it, and it pulls a lot of dust off of them, along with a lot of loose hair.
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